Guarding Your Solitude

Aries Full Moon

September 29, 2023, 5:57 am ET

Guarding Your Solitude
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Libra Season Meditation for Mental Equanimity

Guarding Your Solitude

The Aries Full Moon symbolizes the core conflict between self and other. To wrestle with this deceptively complex question, start by asking yourself what it means to be independent. Then reflect on who supports you, in the words of poet Rainer Marie Rilke, by guarding your solitude.

Social By Nature

When Libra season began, I wrote about the need to identify the ways we unconsciously give up autonomy due to our own self-misunderstanding. Now the Aries Full Moon spotlights your understanding of your individuality and personal will. Interestingly, it also immediately references the people who support you when you strike out on your own. Herein lies the paradox. Social by nature, the human need for independence cannot be fulfilled without the help and love of others. Think back to September 14 and/or April 20 and recall what new project, relationship, process, or business began in your life. With newfound clarity, acknowledge all the others who support your endeavor. When you balance self-focus with grateful recognition, you expand your notion of what it means to be in relationship. Read below using your Rising (or your Sun sign if you don’t know it) to get cues on where to focus your independent effort and where to welcome needed support.

Aries: Check in with the way you direct your independent energy. See and cherish the support that comes from your primary partnerships.

Taurus: As you face your own subconscious patterns with courage, notice who supports you on the daily. Recognize the health care practitioners, co-workers, or workout buddies who help you stay on track.

Gemini: As you step bravely into group leadership, allow the needs of your community to keep you focused. Notice who returns the love you offer and supports your creative endeavors.

Cancer: Focus your fierce effort into your profession with aplomb. Get clear about how your family, home, and lineage supports your professional endeavors, even if indirect.

Leo: Keep exploring the world to develop your pioneering point of view. Perceive the siblings or close friends who listen and support you in your daily learning and navigations.

Virgo: Recognize your strong and independent spirit as you deal with other peoples’ issues. Identify who truly supports you by helping you see your value.

Libra: Be bold, strong, and pioneering in your relationships. Be grateful to yourself for your ability to be an even-minded friend. Appreciate yourself for who you are.

Scorpio: Sweat and be fierce through your daily routines. Insist on getting what you need for your health’s sake. Acknowledge the people who embrace self-knowledge as a way of life, despite the difficulty of the path.

Sagittarius: Unapologetically express your bravest and most passionate self through your creative pursuits. Recognize the community that supports you in your independent journey.

Capricorn: Understand the courageous and pioneering ways that you conduct yourself in your family or home life. Tune into how your professional life supports your need for independence.

Aquarius: Be brave by speaking about the issues that powerfully motivate you. Recognize all the worldly teachers that support your wise perspective and encourage you to speak the truth.

Pisces: Perceive the inspiration and pioneering spirit you bring to all those around you. Honor how others, especially those who challenge you, support your understanding of your self-worth.

Astrology Forecast September 29 – October 6

At the Aries Full Moon, get clear about the link between yourself and your support system. Examine areas where you tend to give yourself away. Recognize and celebrate those who support you, even the rivals who prod you into being your best self. As you stew over the meaning of this, you can begin to carve out a wholly new direction for yourself. On September 30, your mind opens to a new perception of yourself as an autonomous individual. As you broaden your mental horizons, your also expand your root system, leading you to feel more grounded and stable. Spend Sunday just letting yourself be. By October 2, something that has hovered at the edges of your conscious mind now comes into focus. You may be able to expand your psychic boundaries or visualize a way to bring a dream into tangible form. Celebrate the way your relationships encourage you to grow as person.

On October 3, conversations become a source of empowerment, as your willingness to be vulnerable transforms the inner narrative. On October 4, don’t be surprised if you continue to feel the familiar tug of tension between your personal desires and someone else’s druthers. If possible, resist the temptation to be critical or passive aggressive. Remember to breathe deeply and exhale. When Mercury slips into Libra later that day, it signifies the importance of communication for balanced relationships. Let your attention move away from minutiae and toward sharing and inclusivity. With the Moon in Cancer on October 5, your feelings take precedence. Listen to your gut and be sensitive to the needs of yourself and others. If you feel reactive, offer yourself compassion and then extend your empathy to others. At the Cancer Last Quarter Moon on October 6, reflect on what you truly need. Give yourself time to grieve something that weighs on you, however small.

Guarding Your Solitude

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