Hidden Currents of Intensity

Scorpio Season

October 23, 2023, 12:20pm EDT

Hidden Currents of Intensity
McKenzie River, Oregon

Scorpio Season Meditation on the Power of Inner Peace

Hidden Currents of Intensity

Scorpio season extends an invitation to investigate the deeper emotions driving your desires. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio signifies the hidden currents of intensity that lie beneath the surface. Though obscured from view, these strong feelings can suddenly sweep you away like rapids on a river. However, when you acknowledge, respect, and roll with these inner motivations, you transform and diversify the way you relate.


Next Level Honesty

After scrutinizing how you depend on others during Libra season, you now have the opportunity for next level honesty in your relationships, starting with the one you have with yourself. First, when your intense emotions pop up, notice how they mark the places that need your tender attention. As you tend to these triggers, you initiate the healing of old wounds. You can then navigate the razor’s edge between setting necessary protective boundaries and knowing how to be vulnerable with others. When you walk this path of self-knowledge, you become more able to tap your intuitive understanding and channel your emotional self into empowered actions.


Scorpio Season Overall

Scorpio season offers a time to experience the power of emotionally-informed action. As you get clear about your true feelings, what you do takes on a new gravitas. With the Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in Scorpio, you must become aware of how easily passion and intensity can come through your words and deeds. The Taurus Lunar Eclipse on October 28 suggests bringing closure to an evolutionary process that has been ongoing since late 2021. In the heart of the autumnal season, Halloween and Samhain signify the thinning of the veils between worlds. Be brave and embody your demons in an inspired costume!

The second week implies the possibility of giving form and structure to what you previously could only feel or imagine. By mid-season, Venus enters Libra and Mercury enters Sagittarius, where it immediately encounters disciplinarian Saturn. Your thoughts turn to serious matters. The trickiest day of the season is on November 11 (Veterans’ Day in the U.S.) when Mars opposing Uranus signifies unpredictability and volatility. Shortly thereafter, the Scorpio New Moon suggests committing to continue listening to your deep intuition. Investigate and embrace the spiritual ideals that give meaning to your life in a mythical context. As you stay with the process, you can make strides toward manifesting the transformation you’d like to see in these next few weeks.

Using your Rising sign (and/or Sun sign), read below to determine what area of life will likely be invigorated by the powerful and primal energy of Scorpio. Please use this as a guide throughout the Scorpio season posts. Also remember that the actual impacts depend on the sensitive points in your own natal chart.

Aries: Your ability for honest intimacy comes from knowing yourself well enough to balance boundaries with vulnerability.

Taurus: Your deep self-understanding comes through the mirror of your relationships.

Gemini: Your wellness routines provide you with an outlet and a source of knowledge about your most intense feelings.

Cancer: Your creative pursuits beckon as a place to pour your deep emotional content and where you can give of yourself unconditionally.

Leo: Your ancestry and home serve as a deep source of empowerment that inform the roots of your personality.

Virgo: Your true hidden power comes out through your voice and your ability to speak about your vulnerabilities as you navigate your immediate environment.

Libra: Your depth of feeling serves as a high value resource, especially when you work to see your own worth.

Scorpio: Your power comes from embracing the intensity of your desire for knowledge, a major part of your life purpose.

Sagittarius: Your spiritual nature allows you to look at the hidden motivations that drive your subconscious behavior.

Capricorn: Your deep need to engage with community with profound honesty provides you with an understanding of the importance of social power.

Aquarius: Your deep and powerful emotions enable you to participate in the more ritual or taboo aspects of society through your profession.

Pisces: Understanding your own intense emotions brings you a great deal of wisdom to your worldview.

Hidden Currents of Intensity

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