Hold Yourself Accountable

Capricorn First Quarter Moon

October 21, 2023, 11:29pm ET

Hold Yourself Accountable
Volcanic Renewal, Oregon

Libra Season Meditation on Mental Equanimity

Hold Yourself Accountable

The Capricorn First Quarter Moon draws your attention to the thing in the depths you don’t want to deal with. It might refer to something you tried to sweep under the rug or, alternately, to something you hold dear that you now must part with. Either way, it represents something that stands in the way of your empowerment. Once you recognize and hold yourself accountable for this hidden component, you can step boldly into new territory.

Investing in Your Integrity

As part of the Libra season focus on the subtle layers of relationships, the Capricorn First Quarter Moon enables you to see the unconscious motivations that drive your behavior. The idea is to question the urges in your unconscious that conflict with your conscious desires. Maybe you’re struggling to take responsibility for a way you behaved recently that wasn’t awesome. Rather than shy away, use this opportunity to better understand yourself. Accept the consequences of your behavior and share your learning with those impacted. Because this lunation falls between two eclipses, your willingness to do the difficult work of taking responsibility has longer term effects than usual. By aligning your inner truth with your outer actions, you are investing in your integrity.

Hidden Path’s Astrology Forecast October 21-28

At the Capricorn First Quarter Moon, being accountable for your actions allows you to change the way you handle your relationships. Turn away from shallow and superficial connections that no longer support your growth. Instead, embrace the responsibility of creating a different narrative. Break old patterns that hold you to socially imposed expectations and go for the gold in terms of wanting deep authenticity in your relationships. On October 22, a gift for all your effort awaits. Finally, all your hard personal work pays off! You may experience a sense of relief and a deeper feeling of stability than perhaps you’ve felt in a while. New insights may appear regarding which relationships you want to invest in. As Mercury enters Scorpio, you mind moves to mulling over the deeper emotional implications of all these mental shifts. As ever, your inner myth threads into the greater tapestry of the human story.

On October 23, the Sun entering Scorpio highlights the things that go bump in the night, or more aptly, rattle around in your psyche. Helpfully, the Moon in Aquarius gives you some emotional space to prepare for the shift in zodiac season. On October 24, take your intuition seriously and recognize it as a source of wisdom that far surpasses rational thought. While you’re at it, sharpen your emotional detective skills and prepare to practice empathy. These are the tools you need for October 25, when the boundaries seem to blur between your feelings and those of others. If possible, engage in activities that encourage your imagination to flow. If river recreation is your thing, get out on the water. Otherwise tap your unbridled creativity, as the canvas is yours to paint.

By October 26, you may feel reconnected to a strong sense of self as the Moon enters Aries. Make time for purposeful and independent pursuits. Hike, sweat, run, or dance to burn off extra heat over the course of the next day. As the Taurus Lunar Eclipse approaches on October 28, it suggests looking at ego issues to do with authority or authority figures. With the Moon squaring Pluto, recall the theme of accountability and avoid power struggles. Make sure you spend time in the morning getting grounded through a stabilizing meditation or quiet walk. Add an occult dimension to your outdoor meanderings by bringing tarot cards or sitting in communion with an animal or tree that you encounter. Ask for a vision regarding something you can’t quite see yet. By the time the Lunar Solar Eclipse hits, use a nature-based talisman to stay grounded and embrace whatever comes out of the shadows. It’s simply a hidden part of you.

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