Honor Your Feelings

Cancer Full Moon

December 26, 2023, 7:33pm EST

Honor Your Feelings
Rainbow in Healdsburg, CA

Capricorn Season Grounding Meditation 

Honor Your Feelings

At the Cancer Full Moon, let loving sensitivity emanate from a deep sense of calm. For best success, first honor your feelings by doing something that nourishes your soul. Go on a quiet walk, sip hot tea, breathe deeply, or gaze out the window. When you fill your own cup in this way, it allows you to tend to others with your full attention.

Steadiness and Ease

Because the Cancer Full Moon blooms the day after Christmas, many of you will be in the company of family or friends. Taking a moment of solitude, however short, resets your nervous system and lets you “come back to yourself.” This makes it easier to set aside old emotional baggage and meet the day with steadiness and ease. Share memories and pour any extra enthusiasm into games or stories. Generate an environment of warmth, laughter, and kindness.

Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

Against the Capricorn season backdrop of serious plans and responsibility, the Cancer Full Moon focuses your attention on a place of tender loving sensitivity. Read below to find out where this polarity falls in your natal chart according to your Rising (or Sun) sign:

Aries: While you recently have had to get serious regarding your professional life, you can now commit your full loving attention to hearth, home, and family.

Taurus: In order to be accountable for your current perspective, nurture some new aspect of your learning that comes from your siblings or local neighborhood.

Gemini: While you recently have had to work on your boundaries, you can now recognize your true value and nurture your self-esteem.

Cancer: While having to recently review your responsibilities in primary partnerships, you can now commit to self-care which contributes to your overall life direction of nurturing others.

Leo: Although you’ve needed to get serious about your routines and exercise practices, now make sure that you retreat and nurture your spirituality.

Virgo: While you recently have had to insist on giving yourself over to unconditional love or creative pursuits, you now need to let your community or groups nourish you.

Libra: While you recently have had to tune into serious matters at home, now you can feel nurtured by the work that you do and your colleagues.

Scorpio: While you’ve recently recognized how much weight your words hold, you now need to nurture your big picture view of the world. Lose yourself in an exciting book or min-adventure.

Sagittarius: Despite having to get serious about the way you value yourself, you now need to take the time to nurture others, which involves having healthy boundaries in place.

Capricorn: While you recently have had to get clear about the way you hold authority in your life, now make sure that you are tenderly taking care of your intimate one-on-one connections.

Aquarius: While you recently have had to take responsibility for retreating or getting therapy, now you need to nurture your physical health care practices or work routines.

Pisces: Although you have recently had to seriously evaluate the support you receive from your community, you now need to take the time to nurture your individual creativity and playfulness.

Astrology Forecast for December 26 – January 2

At the Cancer Full Moon, take care of you and yours, in that order. Used well, this is a lovely day for nourishing emotional bonds amongst the people you love. No matter how foreign it may feel, make sure you look after yourself first, for a breath, a moment, a walk. Trust that this is a good use of your time, and anyway, you only need a little. On December 27, you may wake in a fog. Something that you can’t quite articulate jostles at the back of your mind and disturbs the foggy tranquility. Settle into silence and keep your own wise council. This helps later in the day when subtle aggravations have the highest potential for erupting.

On December 28, don’t try to convince others with your opinions or allow yourself to be convinced by theirs. You are better served by fantasy games, naughty roleplay, or an adventure movie. Get extra rest or outdoor time if you need it. On December 29, you may desire to connect through ritual or mystical means, which shifts into more philosophical bent later in the day as Venus moves into Sagittarius. December 30 suggests enjoying yourself by doing what inspires you. As you do, muse over how your internal perspective has changed since early September. New Year’s Eve emphasizes practicalities. Maybe you need to clean house, tidy up the kitchen, or stack wood. Eat simply with health in mind. Enjoy the evening but try not to overindulge.

On New Year’s Day, even if you didn’t overindulge, you may wake up feeling a bit slow. You might also feel some relationship tensions, possibly just the result of too much family time in close quarters. Respect your need to get out on your own adventure, even if it seems a little lonely. Mercury turns direct the same day, marking the endpoint of some inner process of recovering an important motivational source. By January 2, practical tasks call your name, and you can’t wait to get your hands busy. Welcome relief from intense family time, though be open to hanging out with an easy-going friend. By January 3, you are ready to release the need for socializing and get serious.

Cancer Full Moon

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