Illuminate Joy

Leo Full Moon

January 25, 2024, 12:53pm EST

Illuminate Joy

Aquarius Season Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Illuminate Joy

At the Leo Full Moon, illuminate joy by celebrating the bright spots of your life. Leo symbolizes the radiance of a bonfire, that most ancient of ways to gather and connect with your tribe. In this spirit, let the warm and generous Leo Full Moon be a counterbalance to the heaviness of human suffering.

Gratitude Within You

Against the sharp cerebral focus of Aquarius season, the Leo Full Moon suggests a warm moment of ease and appreciation. With game-changing Pluto also newly in Aquarius, you may feel the collective forces that override your sense of individual control. Rather than the futility of trying to squeeze the genie back in the bottle, instead surrender the falsehood of control and focus on stabilizing your roots. Get in touch with the joy that this Leo Full Moon encourages by bringing to mind the people, events, and situations that generate a deep sense of gratitude within you. Then write it down, shout it out, and otherwise share it with those who need to know.

Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, read below for ideas on what parts of life the Leo Full Moon illuminates, helping you tap into joy.

Aries: As you recognize the major change occurring in your community, find joy through engaging wholeheartedly in your artistic, creative, or recreational pursuits.

Taurus: With your career and public reputation undergoing big shifts, take refuge in the rootedness and joy you find at home, with family, and on the land that holds you.

Gemini: As your worldly perspective expands, find joy in the steady rhythm of your day-to-day communications, as well as through connections to siblings or close friends.

Cancer: As you engage in therapeutic rituals that help you set healthy boundaries, find joy in the value you offer to others and recognize the resources that support you.

Leo: As your way of handling partnership transforms, recognize how you radiate light to others when you show up with your full conscious awareness.

Virgo: While making key habit changes that support your health, recognize how tending to your mundane routines provides a vehicle to embrace the joyful and the spiritual.

Libra: While opening to a new way of giving of yourself, recognize the importance of the community that supports you in finding and celebrating joy.

Scorpio: As you experience big shifts in your living or family situation, embrace your professional life and social reputation with a sense of joy and gratitude.

Sagittarius: With a transformation occurring in how you speak and navigate familiar territory, celebrate your broader big-picture ideals that fill you with joy and keep you aloft.

Capricorn: As your values and connection to your resources transform, celebrate your ability to be generous and joyful with others as they deal with difficult issues.

Aquarius: As you align with your highest self in a new way, shine a light of gratitude and joy onto those significant others who support you being your most authentic self.

Pisces: As profound and hidden changes happen in the layers of your subconscious, bring a deeply felt sense of joy into the simple daily habits that support your physical wellbeing.

Astrology Forecast January 25 – February 2

With Aquarius season bringing a message about necessary change, use the personable Leo Full Moon on January 25 to recognize and celebrate what brings you joy. Get in touch with your sense of appreciation and connect with others through humor. On January 26, notice and be accountable for feelings of frustration or anger. On January 27, your mind might run wild with inventive solutions. For them to be viable, you must consider their practicality. Exercising self-restraint and listening to other ideas means you have more to offer. If you can steer extra angst into strategic action, a new door swings open. As the Moon enters Virgo, your mood moves to achievable goals and analysis.

On January 28, you may encounter someone or something that alters your normal patterns of thinking. Your instincts for understanding other people’s emotional sensitivities supports the likeliness of a change in direction. You might find yourself sharing your innovative thoughts in a social setting, which has a bigger impact than expected. On January 29, be bold and confident in showing a new side of yourself, no holds barred.

With the Moon moving into Libra on January 30, you may feel drawn to connecting with others on a one-on-one basis over the course of the next couple of days. Giving people space to talk about their concerns creates a proactive and empowering team environment. By February 1, it may feel natural to go deeper and address topics hidden beneath the obvious. On February 2, move beyond a linear mentality and reach for the subtle layers of what others are trying to communicate. Trust your gut feelings or vivid imagination to lead the way in conveying your own felt experience. At the Scorpio Last Quarter Moon, let go of the emotional baggage that stands in the way of your stability and community vision.

Illuminate Joy

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