Implement Your Visionary Idea

First Quarter Moon At 11º Sagittarius

September 3, 2022, 2:08pm EDT

Implement Your Visionary Idea
photo by S. Date

Implement Your Visionary Idea

Just one week after you planted a seed to keep it simple, you may find yourself at a crossroads between a visionary idea and practical reality. Remember that the First Quarter Moon, with the perfect split between dark and light, signifies a time to take action in the face of conflict. In this case, make a plan to implement your visionary idea so that you can walk your talk and share your experiences with others.

Practical Service

Sagittarius, according to Jim Morrison, is the most philosophical of all the signs. Like a fire clearing out the underbrush, incandescent Sagittarius spreads ideas through humor, preaching, or exploration. The trouble begins when Sagittarius expounds upon its opinion without being willing to incorporate the thoughts or needs of others, becoming unbearably self-righteous. At the First Quarter Moon, the Virgo Sun gently but persistently nudges optimistic Sagittarius to ground its ideas and be of practical service to others.

A New Philosophy

As you reestablish routine this Virgo Season, the Sagittarius Moon challenges you to implement a new philosophy into your daily or weekly habits. Fabulous ideas without utility fall short. Take the cue from the earthy Virgo Sun to fully inhabit your physical body, as you explore a new environment, event, or fitness class. Be aware of excessive ambient heat in the current social-emotional climate. Small irritants can easily trigger short fuses and wreak havoc in your personal relationships. Notice any impulse to lash out. Instead step back, find center, and see the humor in life’s situations. This approach allows your passion to emerge as wisdom, rather than fueling immature reactions and tired old arguments.

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