Indulge In Silly Antics

Sagittarius First Quarter Moon

August 24, 2023, 5:57am EDT

Indulge In Silly Antics
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Globe Theatre, London

Virgo Season Meditation To Calm And Focus The Mind

Indulge In Silly Antics

At the Sagittarius First Quarter Moon, feel free to indulge in silly antics while also taking care of those banal tasks. While Virgo season insists that you get organized and attend to details, it doesn’t mean that you must always be serious. Indeed, your sense of humor supports your ability to adapt to new challenges with less stress.

The Depth Of Your Altruism

As well as having a penchant for comedy, Sagittarius loves stories. When you hear someone’s story, you can often bypass the judgments or reservations that arise if the person holds a viewpoint contrary to your own. Story has a way of cutting through your intellectual opinions and landing right in your heart. Without even realizing it, you tap empathy, relating rather than pontificating. At the Sagittarius First Quarter Moon, make it your mission to hear someone else’s story, especially if you find yourself getting heated. You may surprise yourself with the depth of your altruism.

Astrology Forecast for August 24 – 30

At the Sagittarius First Quarter Moon, wake up and embrace the day with a sense of optimism. Let humor infuse routine tasks. Later in the day, take advantage of an opportunity to examine your motivations and formulate long-range objectives based on this new understanding. Recognize what needs rebuilding or restoring and continue to focus on service-oriented projects. On August 25, use your festive spirits to uplift others, especially those who really need a boost.

Saturday August 26 brings in a more somber and serious tone as the Moon enters Capricorn. Solitary pursuits or hard work occupy your attention. The next day, you may encounter a need to hold either yourself or someone else accountable, as the Sun opposes Saturn. Be definitive in your willingness to either accept responsibility or be firm with others, though keep the soft skills of compassion and kindness close at hand. On the same day, Mars moving into Libra motivates you to include others and/or get into a debate. Aim for constructive exchange.

On August 28, you may be forced to wake up to whatever reality you have been resisting. Don’t shy away; instead, be curious about your mindset and underlying values, as they hold the keys to diminishing your resistance. You may need to make a course correction to honor the truth. Sleep on it, because the Moon in Aquarius the next day supports being less attached to your emotional hang-ups. On August 30, the Moon slips into quiet Pisces for the Full Moon. Notice how your ability to hold a kinder view of current events comes into view. For best results, use your imagination to walk in other peoples’ shoes.

Adapt And Thrive

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