Inner Balance

New Moon In Libra

September 25, 2022, 5:55PM EDT

Inner Balance
photo by S. Date

Meditation For Inner Balance

Inner Balance

At the New Moon in Libra, we start a new journey to find inner balance. When the Moon lines up with the Sun, it disappears into the Sun’s heart to initiate a new cycle. Libra symbolizes the concept of balance, which requires an understanding of all sides inside and out. The process of inner balance starts by noticing your internal dialogue, especially when interacting with others. As you tune in, you begin to master the art of the pause, which allows you to speak from a place of equanimity.

Balance And Communication

As a Cardinal Air sign, Libra creates opportunities for better discourse with each other. Learning to communicate effectively keeps the therapists in business. It is a hard skill to do well, especially as we wade through the layers of emotions in our relationships. Taking a pause, whether for a solo weekend or a single breath, grants a window of space for clear communication. Inner balance comes from taking the time to get to know your underlying values and desires, and speaking with this better understanding. It then becomes easier to truly listen to others. Above all else, Libra desires cooperation and symmetry, which when authentic, comes from internal evenness. Otherwise, Libra gets so concerned about the appearance of harmony that it loses touch with its own opinion, fails to make a decision, and falls out of equilibrium.

In Practice

This Libra season focuses the attention on communicating for the purpose of collaborating with others. Libra’s opposite sign of Aries plays a significant role, requiring that you find the courage to assert your individual viewpoint and risk conflict, without being overbearing or pompous. Balance is attained when you stand your own ground yet adopt a cooperative approach for common benefit. Pause with your feet on the ground to gather your thoughts, especially because your words hold hidden clout and may cut deeper that you intended. You also may need to lean on something intangible, like your spiritual practice or belief in compassion, to provide trust if clarity abandons you.

Using your Rising sign, read below to see where your need to cooperate with others plays out against your need to assert your autonomy. Also pay special attention to the empowerment that comes from your integrity in other parts of your life.

Aries: Notice the potential for increased harmony that comes from cooperating with your primary partnerships. Seek to expand your sense of self-awareness by asking what you need to develop for your evolution. Let your profession empower you.

Taurus: Review your overall health routines for balance. Connect with others to help get you on track. Be brave and engage them in deep conversations about consciousness. Open your mind to embrace different viewpoints.

Gemini: Recognize how you can apply equanimity as you give unconditional love to others. Find balance through playfulness. Use your exceptional leadership ability to say what needs to be said to your community. Let your ability to draw clear boundaries with others serve you.

Cancer: Include all of your family members in diplomatic conversations. Use self-discipline to exercise independence in your professional life to maintain balance. Feel the tremendous support that comes from your partnerships.

Leo: Celebrate your skill for evenhandedness as you interact with people in your daily environment and with your siblings. Your courage and independence appears in your ability to incorporate radically different viewpoints into your worldview. Draw great strength from well-chosen daily practices.

Virgo: Find an even keel regarding your ability to truly value yourself. Stand firm in your ability to assert clear boundaries as you work with the intense desires and values of others. Empowerment comes from your willingness to take risks for those you love.

Libra: Notice your tendency to seek harmony, regardless of your own emotional needs. Seek to cooperate with your own inner desires before committing to anything further in your primary partnerships. Let your family connections empower you.

Scorpio: Review your connection to your higher self though taking intentional time alone first, before sharing with others. Commit to a vigorous exercise plan or seek out a cause to aim your fierce energy. Let seemingly mundane daily conversations serve as a source of empowerment.

Sagittarius: Other people in your community recognize your diplomatic speaking abilities in group situations. Let this support galvanize your motivation for solo creative pursuits. As you more deeply value yourself, your resolve to create strengthens.

Capricorn: Recognize your exceptional skills at building cooperation in your professional life. Pioneer a new way of being in your home or family life. Empowerment comes from your serious integrity.

Aquarius: Your great ability for cooperative thinking gives you a broad equitable worldview. Be brave and speak your humanitarian and forward-thinking opinion loudly and clearly. Empowerment comes from your deep connection to your inner authority.

Pisces: Recognize your natural empathy and diplomacy in dealing with other people’s firmly held values. Make sure you stand tall in how you value yourself. Be empowered by the community that offers you unconditional support.

The first 20 minutes of the recording give a general overview of the New Moon, then you can use the timestamps below to go directly to your Rising and/or Sun signs: Aries: 22:36, Taurus: 24:29, Gemini: 26:06, Cancer: 29:10, Leo: 31:49, Virgo: 34:26, Libra: 37:07, Scorpio: 40:30, Sagittarius: 44:41, Capricorn: 47:04, Aquarius: 49:38, Pisces: 53:17

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