Let Go With Joy

Leo Last Quarter Moon

November 5, 2023, 3:36am EST


Let Go With Joy

Scorpio Season Meditation on the Power of Inner Peace

Let Go With Joy

With the Sun in Scorpio, the Leo Last Quarter Moon pits the need to be flamboyant against the desire to hide intense emotions. Since a Last Quarter Moon requires letting go of something, a good use of this energy is to act out intense emotions through a performative art. Even without ready access to a stage, think of this as an opportunity to willingly let go with joy in your heart.

Moving Through

Take stock of what emotional debris sticks in your craw and then figure out how to release this expired material in a positive format. You may discover hurt feelings that you tried to sweep under the rug in an effort to “move on.” Instead, think about moving through. Try the following exercise: Give your feelings form by mentally picturing them as old clothes stuffed in a suitcase. Imagine yourself trying on the outfits in an exaggerated show of drama. In other words, let the performance-oriented nature of the Leo Last Quarter Moon break up old emotions, as you recognize your older states of being as merely outfits you wore at one time.

Astrology Forecast November 5 – 13

With a sense of joy at the Leo Last Quarter Moon, let go of something you once valued. Discover that you can release the way you relate to someone or something, without feeling the need to change the person or thing itself. On November 6, the profound importance of your choice becomes abundantly clear, as you feel empowered or liberated in a way you never expected. Alternately, you might realize that you have been holding someone else back and unconsciously preventing their liberation. At any rate, your mindset is more fluid, making room for a new vision.

By November 7, practicality takes precedence with the Moon in Virgo. Manage big intangible feelings from the day before by sinking your hands into simple practical tasks. Button up the garden, wash the dishes, or organize your space. Rather than being drudgery, tidying serves as a reset to your priorities. It sets the stage for beautifying your home or work environment, as Venus completes her work in Virgo and enters Libra on November 8. Improving the local aesthetic has the subtle effect of establishing mental order, giving shape to the difficult emotions of the past few weeks. On November 9, take delight in in the relationships that make you feel seen, balanced, and respected as an equal.

This is helpful because on November 10, just as you were beginning to feel more optimistic, a solid dose of reality hits. Rather than the futility of fighting it, accept the stability that comes with seeing things as they really are. Having a solid foundation under your feet helps the next day when the Mars-Uranus opposition ushers in the most volatile day of Scorpio season. Fireworks most likely occur when material desires are at odds with emotional truth. However, if you’ve done significant personal work since late 2021, then this will likely feel more like an awakening regarding how you direct personal resources and power. If big emotions dominate your inner landscape, take on something that requires intense effort and focus, preferably in the outdoors. You may feel the need to defend something of worth. At the Scorpio New Moon on November 13, plant a seed for enduring self-understanding.


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