Let Your Relationships Take Precedence

Last Quarter Libra Moon

January 14, 2023, 9:09pm EST

Let Your Relationships Take Precedence
photo by S. Date

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Let Your Relationships Take Precedence

At the Last Quarter Libra Moon, take a moment to evaluate your recent efforts with an impartial attitude. In particular, observe what has shifted in your close partnerships. Rather than fixating on undone tasks, instead let your relationships take precedence in guiding your decisions.

Invite Feedback

Capricorn season places the onus on accepting responsibility for the things you’ve already committed to follow through on. The Last Quarter Libra Moon at cross-purposes inserts a reflective pause so you can consider how this change impacts your important relationships. With the focus on collaboration, areas where you haven’t included input from others are now starkly visible. No worries, because it isn’t too late to invite and incorporate their invaluable feedback. In fact, your conversation might serve to open a compelling new door that ends up affecting larger groups.

The Week Ahead: January 14 – 20

While the Libra Moon draws attention to building alliances, it becomes equally important to determine who your allies are not. With all parties less attached to their emotions, get something that has been bothering you out into the open. Shrug off emotions in favor of finding common intellectual ground. And yet, don’t be afraid to separate from relationships that no longer function or feel nourishing, as it leads to both of your transformations. On January 18, be wary of power struggles and compulsive behavior, as the Sun joins Pluto. Release any need to put personal ambition above the needs of the collective. Strive for a mature and cool-headed demeanor by any reasonable means necessary. Meet with a supportive mentor or tap sources of ancient wisdom. If you can adopt witness consciousness, you may experience a powerful regenerative shift. This sets the stage for the lift into Aquarius season on January 20.

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