Letting Go

Scorpio Last Quarter Moon

February 2, 2024, 6:17pm EST

Letting Go
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Aquarius Season Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Letting Go

With Pluto newly in Aquarius, a rapid transformation in the way we think about our world is afoot. The Scorpio Last Quarter Moon reveals the emotional repercussions of this systemic shift, suggesting the need for letting go. In the struggle to find emotional balance, this means allowing your intense feelings to arise, thanking them for the valuable information they provide, and then letting them pass.

Befriending the Self

While “letting go” may sound like a generic self-help catchphrase, it actually refers to the useful method of accepting, observing, and allowing difficult emotions to run their course. For example, if you feel a flush of jealousy or envy, the first step is to accept that you’re having the reaction. Then, instead of trying to push it away or pretend it doesn’t exist, you watch as it unfolds and shifts. This liberates you to relate to the part of yourself experiencing the difficulty. You learn to hold space for intense feelings without having to change them, act on them, or repress them. Essentially, letting go describes the process of befriending the self.

Astrology Forecast February 2 – 8

The Scorpio Last Quarter Moon suggests trusting your instincts to find deep connection with others. To do this, you must release emotional baggage such as resentment or undue suspicion that blocks your ability to feel the truth. Walk this thorny path with an investigative air into the next day. Gamely join an unexpectedly deep conversation. On February 4, the Moon enters optimistic Sagittarius, encouraging you to share a joke or a tale that makes light of the human condition. You might even establish a new bond with someone that you typically find difficult.

When Mercury moves into Aquarius on February 5, your mind opens to new progressive insights. An action taken with skilled intention results in the healing of one of your relationships, or in the way you handle money and resources. Welcome big picture thinking because it helps you apply democratic principles to personal relationships. On February 6 when the Moon enters its dark phase, turn your focus inward. Recognize the wisdom of choosing a new direction that better honors your own needs. Although setting clearer boundaries may be difficult, it ultimately supports your decision and creates opportunities.

The thoughtfully somber mood on February 7 may be electrified by a Eureka moment, as some ripple effect from your prior decision comes to light. You may end up relieving the suffering of another through a kind word, helping hand, or concrete task that has spiritual repercussions. February 8 is a day of downloads. If you feel anxious or stressed, give yourself a break from screens and technology and get into your body. Go outside and take some deep breaths. Once you find ground, embrace the idea that you need to wake up to a whole new perspective. On February 9 at the Aquarius New Moon, plant a seed to align with the process of inevitable change.

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