Leverage Objectivity

Aquarius First Quarter Moon

November 20, 2023, 5:49am EST

Scorpio Season Meditation on the Power of Inner Peace

Leverage Objectivity

At the Aquarius First Quarter Moon, leverage objectivity to break free of heavy emotions. Scorpio season has suggested gathering deep knowing in the muscles of your unconscious, like a snake coiled to strike. Armed with an understanding of your personal truth, you are now ready to decisively invest your passion into your innovative ideas.

What Disrupts Equilibrium

Though the Aquarius First Quarter Moon points to the benefits of using logic to separate from overwhelming emotions, it is important to mention the negative implications of over-intellectualizing. When you constantly live in the head at the expense of the heart, anxiety and fear skew your mental landscape. There is no better way to understand this than to look at our use of technology. As technological advancements speed along at an increasing rate, they exceed what our emotional selves can manage and force us to spend more and more time in the mind. Devoid of sufficient emotional roots, this ubiquitous and obsessive use disrupts equilibrium and stirs up anxiety on a cultural level. At the Aquarius First Quarter Moon, ask yourself what different way you might be able to use technology without increasing the wound of disconnection. As an antidote, go outside and ground yourself in the calming body of the Earth, preferably with friends.

Hidden Path Astrology Forecast November 20 – 27

The Aquarius First Quarter Moon symbolizes the need to make a calculated move that incorporates emotional understanding, provided you’ve reckoned with difficult feelings that pull your levers from the unconscious deeps. Like an oilwell, this provides a rich source of fuel to create something new with a humanitarian purpose. Extend an olive branch to an unlikely someone who can help you understand what it feels like to walk in their shoes. Choose a different mindset to circumvent ego issues. Your actions and words promise to be unusually effective. On November 21, seize an opportunity to articulate your concern, as it has the potential to completely alter a frustrating situation.

On November 22, the Sun leaves the riparian bog of Scorpio and reaches for the optimism of Sagittarius. This boost of energy sets the stage for balancing cooperation and independence in one of your relationships. As the Moon moves into Aries, you see what you need to do for your own benefit that affects others as well. On November 23 (Thanksgiving in the U.S.), the Sun-Saturn square symbolizes frustrated or repressed desires. For best results, start the day with vigorous exercise or an activity that requires intense focus. Pause to recognize what irritation you might be carrying and then take responsibility for bringing a ray of optimism to the day. If you’re at a gathering, embrace the feisty tone and channel angst into competitive games, which ironically allows you to find common ground. You won’t regret it.

On November 24, Mars joins the Sun in Sagittarius, increasing the heat and need for humor. Notice if you (or someone else) seem to be recklessly tossing opinions around. Either way, cool your heels by going outside for a breath of fresh air. On November 25, you are reminded of your responsibility to temper your own annoyance or enthusiasm. Strive to use your sharp wit and on-point humor to make light of the human condition. Ease into the day on November 26 by enjoying simple pleasures and doing what brings you comfort. Get cozy in front of the fire with tea, book, and cat. You may feel inspired later in the day to converse with a close friend or neighbor, or to research an interesting idea. At the Gemini Full Moon November 27, envision your big picture dream including the details. Rather than expecting clarity, looking at things with a softer gaze engenders the compassion you need.

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