Lunar Eclipse: Full Moon In Taurus

November 19, 2021, 3:57am EST

Partial Lunar Eclipse at 4:03am EST

serenity inside and out

Veiled Emotions

When the Sun casts the Earth’s shadow onto the Moon, we get a lunar eclipse. An eclipsed Moon suggests veiled emotions. What unconscious motivation hides in the shifting twilight, driving your behavior?

Serenity Inside Out

The lesson of the Taurus Moon concerns seeking serenity from the inside out. In polarity with the Scorpio Sun, it refers to making peace with your own demons, as you find solid connection with others. The eclipse invites you to reckon with inner blocks and make navigation adjustments to successfully traverse the emotional landscape.

The Contemplative Hollows

Taurus offers grounded tangibility to Scorpio’s shamanic magic. As yin signs, both gently cave to the forces of gravity, settling into the contemplative hollows. Earthy Taurus provides stability beneath your feet and fertile ground for your seeds. Complex Scorpio wends its watery way into the caverns, penetrating the underlying mysteries of life. The two together impart a sense of reverence.

A New Way To Relate

Both the Sun and Moon receive an influx of energy from the transpersonal outer planets Pluto and Neptune. Amidst the current chaos, Pluto empowers us to find inner tranquility and Neptune presents the opportunity to dream a new dream. The challenge from expansive Jupiter regards doing it with a bigger purpose in mind. All of this suggests a new way to relate to our world.

Grounding And Resources

Using your Rising sign, read below to determine where you might benefit from a navigation adjustment. Pay special attention how grounded you feel and what resources you have in that area of life.

Note: Part of how this lunar eclipse plays out for you depends on whether or not it lands on a sensitive point in your horoscope. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Aries: What adjustment do you need regarding money or self-worth issues? Honor yourself and stabilize your self-love by setting good boundaries with others.

Taurus: What adjustment do you need regarding your sense of autonomy? Commit to become more self-aware through the mirror of your relationships.

Gemini: What adjustment do you need regarding your struggle with suffering, your own and others? Find the compassion you seek in your mundane daily routines.

Cancer: What adjustment do you need regarding your groups of friends? Learn to accept support as an act of love for others.

Leo: What adjustment do you need regarding your career and work life? Observe your current profession through the lens of your family and your ancestral line.

Virgo: What adjustment do you need regarding your level of education? Cultivate broader wisdom as you walk through the environment of your everyday life.

Libra: What adjustment do you need regarding your boundaries with other’s peoples intense emotions? Use a ritual to celebrate your commitment to value yourself.

Scorpio: What adjustment do you need regarding your primary partnerships? Create stability in your important relationships by investigating your deeper feelings and embracing your natural autonomy.

Sagittarius: What adjustment do you need regarding your daily habits and practices? Bring a sense of transcendence to these routines by surrendering the need to know all the details. Trust in the larger processes of life.

Capricorn: What adjustment do you need regarding your ability to take risks and unconditionally give love? Find accomplices to participate in your radical acts of creativity and love.

Aquarius: What adjustment do you need regarding your family life and old subconscious patterns? Recognize the resources that stem from tranquility in your home life and how this helps engender the successes in your public life.

Pisces: What adjustment do you need regarding your communication and learning? Catalyze your daily interactions with your profound sense of wonderment for the richness of life.

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