Maintain Equilibrium: Sun Into Taurus


April 19, 2022, 10:24pm

Taurus Season

Originally based on the wheel of the seasons, each western zodiac sign arises as a response to the one before it. After a fast gallop through the fierce heat of Aries, the Sun settles down in the quiet earthy calm of Taurus. In the Northern Hemisphere, Taurus signifies mid-spring, with its bright splash of colorful flowers and the commencement of the avian chorus.

Maintain Equilibrium

Taurus teaches us how to maintain equilibrium. In many ways, Taurus describes the stability of systems, both natural and man-made. Taurus also holds the conversation about our attitude to Earth’s resources. When we view them with reverence, we engage with an attitude of stewardship. On the other hand, when this respectful approach is lost, greed and destructive battles dominate. Currently, with the planet of change Uranus rocking through Taurus, we are experiencing major disruptions and opportunities for awakening. Consider that we can regain equilibrium through innovative, indigenous, and inclusive solutions. Individual acts of stewardship matter tremendously, so sign up for your local spring clean-up day, plant seeds to attract pollinators, and share seedlings with your neighbors.


Over the course of the next month, contemplate how and where you need a greater connection to the tangible and sensual parts of life. Find a sense of grounding through your feet as you walk, through your seat as you sit, and through your hands as you cook, garden, or play music. When Mercury retrogrades on May 10, be willing to revisit the constructs beneath your ideas. At the two eclipses on April 30 and May 16, release a behavior, a habit, or a toxic relationship that impedes your ability to find equilibrium. Deepen your roots and let the season draw you toward the wisdom and natural rhythms of Earth. Using your Rising sign (or Sun sign), read below for your grounding focus.

With Aries Rising, find stability through the way you value yourself.

With Taurus Rising, your steadfast soul needs slow down and find a steady inner rhythm.

With Gemini Rising, your high-energy personality needs to revitalize in nature as an antidote to suffering and anxiety.

With Cancer Rising, restore your nurturing inclinations by embracing time spent in nature with friends and allies who support you unconditionally.

With Leo Rising, your magnanimous personality finds solidity and grounding in your professional pursuits.

With Virgo Rising, allow your diligent studies and the opening of your mind to serve as your greatest source of grounding.

With Libra Rising, find trust and stability in the rituals you hold to keep healthy boundaries with others. Let them be firm and also conscious.

With Scorpio Rising, activate your sense of reverence and grounding through your most intimate partnerships.

With Sagittarius Rising, engage in a daily routine that keeps you connected to nature and your roots. Don’t forget to add in new explorations.

With Capricorn Rising, sink deeply into your joyful creative pursuits as your main source of stability.

With Aquarius Rising, locate your greatest source of grounding in your home and with your family, whether of origin or choice. Home is in the heart.

With Pisces Rising, anchor your dreamy self through your day-to-day conversations with close friends and/or siblings.


For a much more in-depth treatment of Taurus Season, please watch my video with Laurie Farrington of Astrolore. We include a lengthy discussion for each Rising Sign. Here are the timestamps for each sign so you can skip ahead to yours: Aries 12:33, Taurus 19:38, Gemini 27:24, Cancer 34:22, Leo 43:15, Virgo 51:36, Libra 58:51, Scorpio 1:08:50, Sagittarius 1:17:58, Capricorn 1:27:13, Aquarius 1:38:13, Pisces 1:47:00.

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