Make The Mature Choice

Make The Mature Choice

Full Moon in Capricorn

July 13, 2022, 2:37pm EDT


Two weeks ago, the New Moon in Cancer suggested you plant a seed to apply tender loving self-care in the midst life’s chaos. Now at the Full Moon, notice the impact of being responsible for your own emotional nourishment. Observe the maturity it takes to seek solitude in order to understand what you need.


Cardinal earth sign Capricorn is symbolized by the mythical sea goat, a creature that can both effortlessly scale the mountain heights and dive down to the mountain base on the ocean floor. In using astrology to better understand yourself, the Capricorn Full Moon helps you ascertain your ability to build a supportive structure, hold yourself to a discipline, and move up the ladder of your ambitions. During this process, value most highly your commitment to integrity and self-mastery.

Inner Authority

When out of balance, Capricorn’s worst characteristics loom in the form of authoritarianism and the desire to dominate and control others. Certainly we are witnessing a time of tyranny, when the mighty few see fit to strip away individual rights, especially from those with the least amount of power. Rather than accepting this unbalanced shadow version, instead use the perspective of Capricorn to reckon with your own inner authority and suss out your relationship to integrity. Employ your depth of character to galvanize others for social benefit, without the need to dominate.

Make The Mature Choice

Using your Rising (or Sun) sign, consider where in life you need to raise your consciousness and make the mature choice. Where do you need to stabilize the roots of your endeavors in order to follow through on your commitments? Take some time in solitude to listen inwardly and then execute with full effort, without the need for applause or approval. Remember to continue nourishing your emotional self while still in the throes of Cancer season.

Aries: Make the mature choice in your professional life. Nurture your roots and recognize your livelihood as your major contribution to the betterment of others.

Taurus: Make the mature choice to support independent, critical thinking in yourself and others. Nurture your daily curiosity, as it awakens you to your true self.

Gemini: Make the mature choice as you deal with other people’s issues. Nurture your self-worth and allow struggle to wake you up to compassion.

Cancer: Make the mature choice by stepping up in your one-on-one relationships. Be sure to balance solitude with time amongst your community of friends.

Leo: Make the mature choice and commit to daily routines. Nurture your relationship to the divine and let your professional work contribute to the betterment of others.

Virgo: Make the mature choice and commit to your creative process. Get support from your community by bravely sharing. Embrace how this growth grants you new wisdom.

Libra: Make the mature choice and find anchor with your family. Let your profession nourish you. Setting healthy boundaries provides an awakening.

Scorpio: Make the mature choice by communicating clearly. Nourish yourself with independent thinking. Let your primary relationships serve as a source of awakening.

Sagittarius: Make the mature choice with your money and values. Nurture yourself through setting healthy emotional boundaries against the judgment of others. Find awakening through simple grounding practices.

Capricorn: Make the mature choice by embracing your authentic self. Nourish yourself and your relationships. Awaken through creativity and risk-taking.

Aquarius: Make the mature choice and commit to selfless service. Nourish yourself with good food and healthy practices. Awakening is your anchor.

Pisces: Make the mature choice and embrace your role in your community. Nurture yourself through giving unconditional love to others. Find awakening through daily contact with close friends and neighbors.

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