Maximize Integrity

Capricorn New Moon

January 11, 2024, 6:57am EST

Maximize Integrity
Death Valley, California

Capricorn Season Grounding Meditation

Maximize Integrity

At the Capricorn New Moon, incorporate a bold new approach to maximize the integrity of your plans. For optimum results, lay out and commit to a realistic strategy that includes your goals, what to delegate to others, and your methods for weathering change. Your resolve to adopt new behaviors contributes to imperative collective shifts.

Seek the Middle Ground

As well as presenting an opportunity for constructing a solid plan, the Capricorn New Moon reiterates a familiar theme about balance. Humanity is at a pivot point that largely concerns the way our species relates to all else and each other. On a personal level, get clear about what you must do independently and guard against acting only to please others. That’s not to say be selfish, but rather find the sweet spot of living in accord with your inner authority while still considering how to include others. Stay focused on your goals without being rigid or holding tight to unreasonable expectations. Avoid extreme modes of thinking and seek the middle ground.

Astrology Forecast for January 11 – 16

At the Capricorn New Moon, be ready with your dynamic plan to initiate a new process. Consider what you have been envisioning since January 7 and aim for dynamic and deliberate decision-making. Give credit to all those who authentically support your ventures. If a healing moment arises, be brave enough to share a vulnerable story. Then pass the talking stick and invite others to tell theirs. On January 12, you may see an opening to make progress on a major goal, which in turn motivates you to continue working hard on your plan. On January 13, Mercury returns to Capricorn, making it easier to employ your thoughts, words, and deeds toward hammering out the rest of your to-do list. As the Moon enters Pisces, feel free to unwind and kick back with a glass of wine.

On January 14, indulge in the softer edges of things by wandering outdoors to relax and restore. Notice the way relationships and resources line up to support you striking out into new realms. Your mood and mind drift in dreamy formlessness into Monday January 15. Adjust expectations as you may not be able to get much accomplished in terms of concrete productivity. Instead, if someone around needs support, offer kindness, a listening ear, or hot tea. There might be surprisingly realistic solutions to emotional struggles. On January 16, you may feel impatient to complete some lingering detail. Burn off extraneous heat through vinyasa yoga, vigorous exercise, or a competitive game. This frees you to usefully employ your angst on January 17. Commit to applying your all of your combustible fervor to complete an important step of your longer-term plan.

Horoscopes for All 12 Signs

Use your Rising (or Sun) sign to read below for clues about what part of your life needs both forethought and follow through. Take advantage of the effective, mountain-moving energy of Capricorn to commit to a plan in a vital area.

Aries: Lay out a plan to do with your professional life and parenting ability. Leverage your values or finances in a new way to support these shifts.

Taurus: Seek serious education from an elder regarding your understanding of the world. Allow fundamental shifts in your identity or life direction to fuel what you seek.

Gemini: Aim for clear yet compassionate boundaries when dealing with people’s emotional baggage or different value systems. Applying spiritual and psychological understanding helps.

Cancer: Plan on taking greater responsibility for yourself in your one-on-one relationships. Use what you are learning from your community for best results.

Leo: Assess your health care needs and take responsibility for improving your routines and practices. Let your professional desires provide impetus for these changes.

Virgo: Get serious and commit to your creative, playful, and risk-taking pursuits on a new level. Let inspiration come from experiences that expand your worldview.

Libra: Your accountability plan regards being internally rooted before you address situations in your family or home with maturity. Apply your new boundary setting abilities.

Scorpio: Develop a greater understanding of the authoritative power of your voice based on major shifts that have occurred in your one-on-one partnerships.

Sagittarius: Connect with the integrity of your value system and deal with financial or resource matters from that solid base. Allow changes in your routines to enhance your self-worth.

Capricorn: Wield your innate authority with maturity, equanimity, and confidence. Recognize how your willingness to give of yourself to others supports your integrity.

Aquarius: Commit to a spiritual or therapeutic path to support your authoritative knowledge of healing modalities. See how handling recent foundational shifts encourages spiritual connection.

Pisces: Accept the support of your community and step into a responsible and authoritative role. Use the power of your voice to go along with this change.

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