Maximize Your Generosity

Maximize Your Generosity

Leo New Moon

August 16, 2023, 5:38am ET

Maximize Your Generosity
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Leo Season Meditation To Tend The Inner Fire

Maximize Your Generosity

At the Leo New Moon, plant a seed to maximize your generosity. Generosity and gratitude share a tight link. As you recognize who and what lights you up on the inside, you cultivate a steady inner flame. When you then intentionally direct this warmth outward, you naturally exude a generous attitude toward others.

What Brings You Joy

Change is the rule rather than the exception. Each of us benefits from unravelling resistance to this fundamental truth. During the fixed fire season of Leo, get in touch with the contents of your heart to find center. Take advantage of the moment to consider what brings you joy. This is what carries you forward through the hard times, so tend to this authentic and precious fire. Let the bold bright power of Leo fortify you as you step into the unknown. Ask yourself what brings you joy and how you can embrace a new level of authenticity. Use your Rising (or Sun sign) for tips about what part of your life the Leo New Moon points to:

Aries: Look for an authentic source of joy amidst the children you love, your creative projects, and your ability to give of yourself unconditionally. Take risks for love.

Taurus: Find joy through your connection to your family and your home hearth. Celebrate the unconventionality of your home life situation.

Gemini: Embrace authenticity and truth through the words that you speak. Be generous in the way that you listen, as it provides greater healing in your conversations.

Cancer: Liberate the light within by deepening your sense of self-worth. Be willing to spend time or money on worthy pursuits and causes, no matter what others think.

Leo: Renew your commitment to standing tall in your authentic self, particularly if you express yourself through an unconventional vocation.

Virgo: Bravely shine a light onto your subconscious patterns to uncover a major source of joy. Like a sage, be willing to spend time alone, regardless of social pressure to do otherwise.

Libra: Surround yourself with the community that brings you joy. Find your own unique way to set the boundaries you need to make this possible.

Scorpio: Dig deep and ask yourself how authentic your profession feels to you. Allow unconventional work partnerships to help you engage joy in your working life.

Sagittarius: Review the unconventional experiences that are the source of your wisdom. Celebrate the authenticity and generosity of your personal philosophy.

Capricorn: Recognize healthy boundaries as the secret to your success in dealing with others. Don’t worry about the judgments of others, as only you know what’s right for you in this regard.

Aquarius: Continue to uncover the authentic brilliance you offer in your partnerships. Don’t settle; however, be generous in your estimation of others.

Pisces: Notice your level of joy while you go about your daily practices. Let your routines be an authentic reflection of the changes you wish to see, regardless of their unconventionality.

Astrology Forecast August 16 – 24

At the Leo New Moon, commit to being fully present in the presence of others. This vital work helps to repair disconnection, the true source of sickness in modern society. Also, as best you can, find ways to move and flow with the constant flux. As an example, consider the interlocking sections of the Golden Gate Bridge. The joints allow the bridge to sway with earthquakes and stay intact. Hold your connections similarly – firmly enough to maintain contact, yet loosely enough to allow change. Make the effort to spend time with people you care about. Spice it up by planning something different and interesting to do together.

On August 17, analyze your ability to perceive the suffering of others and consider how to let it inform your viewpoint more often. In preparation for the weekend, focus on calm efficiency and practical tasks. On Saturday August 19, a brief window for deep contemplation opens, followed by a desire for socializing. You may discuss a wholly new direction for yourself with a good friend. For the rest of the weekend, mull over how this shift aligns with your value system and could improve your self-confidence. On August 21, the Moon drops into introspective Scorpio, forcing you to consider the deeper emotional implications of the changes on the table.

On August 22, consciously take a few minutes to get grounded so you can start to accommodate new priorities in your inner landscape. Achievement is 10% intention and 90% practice, so acknowledge your highest ideals and then commit to practicing your skills. Ideals help you find meaning in life while humility shows you how to make a difference. This attitude shift prepares you for the Sun’s entrance into Virgo on August 23, as well as for Mercury’s station on the same day. With both Venus and Mercury retrograde, investigate the intersection between your values and your willingness to help others. On August 24, the adventurous Sagittarius Moon pits against the humble practicality of the Virgo Sun. Tasks don’t have to be dull to be effective!

Maximize Your Generosity

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