Each meditation on this page goes with a specific astrology season, though reflects universal themes that can be used at any time.


Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow

In the zodiac cycle, Cancer soothes and nourishes the soul after the social, logistical whizzing around of Gemini season. Within its subtle flow, the cardinal water sign of Cancer holds the magical power to generate and sustain life. Psychologically, Cancer relates to the inward flow of feelings which reveal your tender vulnerability and your most powerful source of strength. As you respect and embrace your emotional self, you unleash your intuition and step into creative flow.

This meditation seeks to connect you with the water element through the second and fourth chakras. The second chakra, also called svadhistana, corresponds to the pelvic bowl and the water element. It relates to your relationships, your creative energy, and the power to choose. The fourth chakra, or anahata, corresponds with the spiritual and emotional heart. It relates to the emotional power that comes through compassion and love.

Unleash Your Intuitive Powers
Water Magic


Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Following on the heels of stoic Taurus, Gemini season seeks to stir up the vibe, stimulate your mental processes, and offer a refreshing lift beneath your wings. As the mutable air sign, Gemini describes the dynamic nature of the mind. When you consciously choose what to focus your mind on, your energy follows. This meditation illustrates the power of your mind through using the alternate nostril breathing practice called Nadi Shodhana. When approached with steadiness and gentleness, this meditation aims to calm your nervous system and helps you concentrate your mental focus.

The Power of Your Curiosity
Burgeoning Fern, Morristown, Vermont


Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

Following on the heels of the fire and bluster of Aries, Taurus season arrives with its placid and serene gait, a reminder of the importance of slowing down. While change wheels and whips around, palpable in the air and detectable in the bones, accept the invitation to pause, rest, and find ease in your physical body. Taurus the Bull just wants to sit quietly under the trees and smell the flowers.

Accept Change
Bloodroot, Champlain Valley, Vermont

Aries Season Energy Cleansing Meditation

The Sun entering Aries cues the Equinox, and the beginning of spring in the northern hemisphere or autumn in the southern hemisphere. From the zodiac perspective, this signifies a reboot and the time to claim new territory. Unlike a typical Aries season that focuses on forward momentum, this one requires you to look inwardly, to the sources of your motivation. It affirms the strength of acting from the heart, with courage, care, and joy. This meditation gives you an opportunity to go within and cleanse the energy centers, also called chakras, that exist in the subtle layers of your being. The chakras represent physical, energetic, and mental centers of consciousness. Purifying these energy centers clears the way to heart centered action.

Act From the Heart


Pisces Season Meditation for Compassion

Pisces links us to the collective basin of human emotion and particularly to the heavier feelings of suffering, like grief, sadness, and worry. To transcend these heavy states, it is necessary to accept the feelings and connect to compassion. Compassion is what allows you to overcome fear and resistance, helping you to dissolve the tightness in your heart. Based on the Buddhist tonglen method, this mediation helps you face suffering and turn it into compassion.

Rest and Recuperation
Melting Ice Fragment, Winooski River


Aquarius Season Meditation to Ease Anxiety

Like opening the windows to air out the room, Aquarius season offers a fresh intellectual perspective to the preceding sign of Capricorn’s pragmatism. With potent Pluto also entering Aquarius, this season thunders in like a freight train. With so much energy pouring into the mental sphere, it is vitally important to engage in grounding practices that help manage anxiety. One of the most powerful tools for this is using your breath. This helps you balance getting needed space from difficult emotions, without detaching from your feelings.

Capricorn Season Grounding Meditation

The Solstice on December 21 marks the beginning of the Sun’s return north and its entrance into the earth sign of Capricorn, signifying a time to go within and find your source of inner grounding. You are entering the place of solitude with your meditation practice, giving you an opportunity to align your deep inner knowing with your willingness to accept outer responsibilities. This is the challenging path of committing to develop the authority within, over yourself and your life. This path is one of accountability and involves understanding the social importance of your personal work.

Step Into Solitude
Winter Solitude


Sagittarius Season Light and Levity Meditation

The Sagittarius season meditation is a Tantric-based meditation called trataka, meaning to gaze steadily, and uses the perfect almond shape of a lit candle to focus your attention. The goal of this meditation is to develop your concentration, using your eyes to steady your mind. This helps you develop witness consciousness ,in which you learn to watch your mind fluctuate. This is a great meditation for the mutable fire of Sagittarius season, because it uses fire to help you get centered. Like a lantern in an underground cavern, Sagittarius brings light and levity in response to the prior sign of Scorpio’s complex emotional entanglements. Sagittarius season arrives to illuminate the darkness with philosophy, exploration, wisdom, and wit.

A Ray of Optimism
Late Autumn in New England

  Scorpio Season Meditation on the Power of Inner Peace

The Scorpio season meditation allows you to work with discomfort and the hidden emotional currents that lie beneath the surface. Acknowledging and respecting these deep feelings is part of the path of self-knowledge. This meditation offers a simple breathing technique to elicit and cope with difficult feelings. As with all meditations, please trust your intuition above all else and make sure this one is right for you. Here is the mantra that goes with the breathing technique: Sat Narien, Wahay Guru, Haree, Narien Sat Nam.

Hidden Currents of Intensity
McKenzie River, Oregon


Libra Season Meditation for Mental Equanimity

The Libra season meditation encourages cultivating mental equanimity to observe the unconscious patterns and habitual dependencies that thwart healthy relationships. It uses a four-part mantra with a mudra (hand gesture) to balance your mind and adopt a witness consciousness of your own processes. It is based on a Kriya Kundalini meditation that anticipates the cycle of creation using the 4 primal sounds.

Confront Habits of Dependency
Vermont Forest


Virgo Season Meditation To Calm and Focus the Mind

The Virgo season meditation invites you to practice moving the energy out of your head and into your body, calming your mind and your nervous system. One of the best tools for this is to focus on your breath. When you pay attention to your breathing, you direct your mind onto a singular point. This particular Virgo season points to the valuable skill of learning to adapt and thrive.

Adapt And Thrive
Dartmoor Oaks


Leo Season Meditation To Tend The Inner Fire

The Leo season meditation encourages you to embrace joy, gratitude, and generosity.  Warm, extroverted, and gregarious, this Leo season invites you to tend the inner fire by  cultivating gratitude. As you find center and celebrate your innermost spark, you shine with a brighter radiance for all.

Tend The Inner Fire


Cancer Season Meditation For Emotional Wellbeing

The Cancer Season Meditation For Emotional Wellbeing invites you to slow down, nourish, and attend to self-care. At its core, self-care refers to the relationship you have with yourself. This meditation focuses on the deep emotional content within and care for those places that need nurturing. We all need to find ways to love ourselves more, one of the hardest spiritual practices.

Attend To Self-Care


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