Muddle Through the Mystery

First Capricorn Full Moon

June 21, 2024, 9:07pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance June 21 – June 28

Muddle Through the Mystery
A Muddle of Trees

Cancer Season Meditation for Inner Flow

Muddle Through the Mystery

Unusually, two Capricorn Full Moons bookend this Cancer season, indicating the need to take responsibility for your feelings. At the first Capricorn Full Moon, you may feel befuddled about some dilemma in your life. Try as you might, you simply cannot find clarity despite wanting to make progress. Muddle through the mystery by disappearing into the woods or some other sanctuary where you can contemplate the bigger meaning of things. Steer away from needing intellectual precision and toward developing the most charitable perspective.

Nourish Important Relationships

As the bright Moon shines a light on your responsibilities, spend this week mulling over a change of direction that allows you to use your energy in a more holistic way. Act on opportunities to nourish important relationships. Gather insights by paying attention to what is happening in your immediate environment. Make space and set aside time for messy creative projects.

Commit to Quality

Maintain a hermit-like amble through life while dealing with the mundane on June 22. Let your mood remain reserved as you review your resources, relationships, and possessions. If you feel grouchy, refrain from speaking too much as kindness brings better results. When a new tactic beckons, try it out. On June 23, fix your attention on getting things done. You likely want to check everything off your list, even the intangible matters that vie for your attention. While this isn’t necessarily an issue, make sure you fully commit to quality. When the Moon enters Aquarius, you can detach more easily from the heaviness of your tasks.

Experimental Curiosity

On June 24, shed the emphasis on practicality and hit your social stride. Dynamic conversations elevate your thinking. If you encounter something irritating, take a breath and relax. Should you get stuck in traffic, sit back and turn up the music. Meander through June 25 with an air of experimental curiosity. Inquire about people’s innovative solutions and see what it cracks open in your mind. Contribute any brilliant ideas of your own. The Moon enters Pisces on June 26, perhaps sending you into an otherworldly reverie. Be aware of picking up emotions from the ambient environment. Your rosy glasses may make a new option look more enticing but could put you at odds with someone you care about. Keep your state of mind fluid but realistic. If you start to feel overwhelmed, get space but refrain from overintellectualizing. Be open to late night intimacy.

Use Your Outrage

On June 27, your preoccupations with metaphysical concerns continues. Like visiting the aquarium, a strange and transcendent view fills your vision. If you can, rest easy and watch the clouds drift by. Unlike yesterday, deep feelings of connection are easy to express. On June 28, the Moon leaves ethereal Pisces and enters fierce Aries, leaving the mushy feelings behind. While you may wish to roar off on your hypothetical (or real) motorcycle, you are likely still hung up on some issue. An old wound nags for your healing attention. At the Aries Last Quarter Moon, be willing to set aside a personal quest in order to tend to someone else’s needs. Rather than getting resentful, use your outrage in defense on one who could really use your support.

Horoscopes for the First Capricorn Full Moon

At the Capricorn Full Moon, accept your feelings and align them with your outer actions. Don’t worry about the lack of clarity but do approach life with an empathetic viewpoint.

Aries: Hold yourself accountable for big or triggered feelings in your professional/public life, despite any bewilderment you may feel about your path. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Taurus: Take responsibility for your authoritative point of view in order to cut through a sense of befuddlement about some aspect of your community or groups of friends.

Gemini: Accept the lack of clarity you feel when it comes to someone else’s baggage. Stand your ground to maintain the integrity of your boundaries.

Cancer: Relinquish control over your partnerships and instead take responsibility for how you show up as a partner. Your ability to surrender serves as a source of deep wisdom.

Leo: As you take responsibility for your own routines and schedule, you can slice through confusion about where you end and others begin.

Virgo: When you take responsibility for your creative pursuits and processes, you can move through any turmoil that seems to emanate from your partnerships.

Libra: Holding yourself accountable for your own emotional grounding helps you mitigate feelings of discombobulation about your best health care routines.

Scorpio: Be responsible for voicing your concerns about serious matters to others. This helps you navigate through confusion about your sense of self as a generous and wise soul.

Sagittarius: Taking responsibility for your own self-worth and/or financial issue allows you to move beyond turbulence regarding a family member or your home.

Capricorn: Turn inward to self-validate your naturally authoritative air. This helps you remove the feeling of puzzlement regarding exactly what you want to say.

Aquarius: Take responsibility for needing to retreat to nature or into spiritual practices in order to dissolve a lack of understanding your true worth and resources.

Pisces: Take responsibility for your authoritative role in the community. This helps you grapple with the disorientation you may feel about your identity as a creative person.

Muddle Through the Mystery


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