New Moon At 12º Capricorn

photo by S. Date

January 2, 2022, 1:33PM EST Northern Hemisphere

A Fresh Start

The New Moon in Capricorn dovetails nicely with the advent of the New Year, offering the possibility of a bona fide fresh start. This new start only comes if we’re willing to act on our own authentic ambitions. Capricorn is a serious sign, requiring first the solitude of a monk, and second, the execution skills of an ace project manager.

Societal Dharma

Every spiritual tradition insists that we look inward to find the doorway into authenticity. From this profound self-knowledge arises the clarity that guides us to fulfill our societal dharma. The symbol of Capricorn speaks to this like no other, for Capricorn exemplifies the mastering of solitude in order to meet your role in society with maximum integrity. The word integrity itself, a trusty Capricorn keyword, means aligning your inner knowledge with your outer action. Take advantage of this New Moon to temporarily withdraw, examine your principles, and strive toward higher integrity in your actions.

Listen Well, Speak Wisely

This New Moon covers some of the same territory that ordinarily peaceful Venus re-treads during her retrograde period. Through undertaking this shadow journey, Venus seeks to deepen and balance the way we relate. Look to your most important relationships for clear messages, which appear when you truly listen. Note that your words carry the power to cut deep, so speak wisely. The New Moon’s connection with game-changer Uranus suggests that the evolution of our culture depends on our awakening as individuals.

The Mature Path

Using your Rising sign (or Sun sign), read below to locate where this current concentration of Capricorn energy lands in your horoscope. The presence of Capricorn always imparts an air of seriousness and hard work. Assume the attitude of the hermit to meditate on your integrity in this area of life. Then strategize to embark upon your most mature version of this path.

Aries: Employ rigorous self-discipline to take responsibility for the way you engage with your profession.

Taurus: Anchor your system of ethics while making a serious effort to broaden your personal philosophy with challenging viewpoints.

Gemini: Develop a keen awareness of your boundaries with other peoples’ most difficult issues. Commit to a simple daily grounding ritual to help guide you in this formidable task.

Cancer: Contemplate your autonomy in the mirror of your most intimate one-on-one relationships. Consider the tripartite existence of yourself, the other, and the relationship you create together, as you interact and make decisions.

Leo: Take responsibility for your health by stabilizing your daily practices. Strive for discipline and balance as you consider your overall wellbeing.

Virgo: Schedule time to work hard on your cherished creative projects. Take risks to achieve a higher level of quality in your acts of love.

Libra: Look within to accept responsibility for old patterns that impact your current behavior in family relationships. Establish true internal security by carving out solo time.

Scorpio: Reflect on your ability to skillfully communicate with others. In order to engage in authentic dialogue, notice the importance of deep listening.

Sagittarius: Survey your most deeply held values. Accept responsibility for cultivating self-love by respecting your own energy reserves.

Capricorn: Meditate on how you see yourself and the image you project to others. Seek the authentic connections between the two on the journey of mature growth. Shed the layers of your identity that you have grown beyond.

Aquarius: Surrender to the reality of times of suffering and isolation. Allow it to activate compassion for the suffering of others, ironically connecting you to the oneness of life.

Pisces: Align your own aspirations with those of your community. Allow yourself to fully receive the support of others in your progressive humanitarian endeavors.

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