New Moon In Aries

April 11, 2021, 10:31P.M. EDT Northern Hemisphere

Make A Brazen Move

In The Hunger Games, hero Katniss makes a brazen move to take her young sister’s place as a gladiator in the Games, facing certain death. This spring’s New Moon in Aries runs along those same lines, delivering a clear message to take bold, daring action.

A Decisive New Plan

With Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Chiron in fiery Aries, initiating a decisive new plan takes center stage. Pioneering any project, process, or political movement requires courage to plunge ahead into the unknown. On a darker note, Aries can easily be provoked into combat and aggression, leaving behind a path of destruction. Examples of this shadow version are rampant in the news. The more spiritually aligned Warrior becomes the torch of courage for others, and taking action on behalf of those who cannot. In the ancient practice of yoga, Aries symbolizes tapas, or the building of the heat in the body to burn out toxins.

Say What Needs To Be Said

This time in particular shows the importance of leadership, to say what needs to be said, regardless of who may be offended or disagree. As individuals, developing the courage to speak up for truth impacts all those around you. It entails venturing through our own unconscious patterns, to successfully direct fierce intent into worthy causes. This is empowerment.

Harness Courage

Consider where you want to harness courage in your own life. Take advantage of this action-packed energy to start something brave and new.  Using your Rising Sign (if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign), read below for to see where this lands in your horoscope.

Aries: Allow bold self-expression in how you present yourself to the world

Taurus: Bravely face how you block your own path

Gemini: Be fearless as you build a community that supports your goals

Cancer: Initiate an audacious new plan in your career

Leo: Enroll in an adventurous course of study to open your mind

Virgo: Act to free yourself from any debts, financial or otherwise

Libra: Take a risk for your primary relationship

Scorpio: Begin a new health regimen or volunteer for a local nonprofit

Sagittarius: Dauntlessly show love through creative acts

Capricorn: Make a daring change to your home or your role in the family

Aquarius: Speak up decisively to face a situation in your immediate environment

Pisces: Commit to fierce, deep self-love for the betterment of all

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