New Moon in Capricorn


January 13th, Stroke of Midnight, EDT (Northern Hemisphere)

The Requirement To Transform

The first New Moon of 2021 lands in Capricorn, the familiar stew that symbolized much of our 2020 experience. The pandemic, the rise of authoritarianism, and the persistent wound of systemic racism fall under the purview of planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn. The seed to plant on January 13th regards accountability, transformation, and unification. At the Full Moon on January 28th and June 24th, the fruits of these labors will come to light.

Value Integrity

In its highest manifestation, Capricorn represents the capacity to administrate progress in the name of integrity. With the Moon pairing with Pluto, we continue to plunge into the major metamorphosis of our time, as we work to shed the skin of tyranny, intolerance, and foolish egomania. Democracy requires holding those in the echelons of power accountable for their actions. Healing can only occur when toxic behavior rises to the surface to be confronted. Moving toward wholeness is the nature of life.

The Shared Ray of Hope

Despite the crises of the virus and environmental destruction, a ray of hope shines from the shared necessary concern for our existence. The Saturn & Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius, in play throughout 2021, sets the stage for envisioning an inclusive, balanced society. Vulnerable populations need help from those with more resources, and we all benefit from recognizing our membership in the collective. If we honor the magnificent innovation and diversity across our globe, we gain an essential empowered perspective and a strategy for evolution.

Personal Metamorphosis

As individuals living during tumultuous and disorienting times, it is important to find the ground beneath your feet. To connect more deeply with the earth energy of Capricorn, use practical tasks, the physical body, and animal totem wisdom. From this stable position, excavate inner attitudes, reactions, and buried feelings and own them. Using your Rising Sign (or Sun Sign) read below to ascertain what area of your life to consider in this light.  Meditate on the energy of the animal totem for insight.

Capricorn: To mature by shedding layers of identity (Snake)

Aquarius: To surrender to the reality of suffering to activate compassion (Blue Heron)

Pisces: To allow your community to hold you up (Wolf)

Aries: To activate a deeper mission through your vocation (Eagle)

Taurus: To expand your mind through rooting down and branching out (Bear)

Gemini: To investigate your shadow side in order to rebirth (Bat)

Cancer: To support your partner through profound change (Swan)

Leo: To practice radical self-care for the sake of the whole (Prairie Dog)

Virgo: To express love through playfulness with all those around you (Dolphin)

Libra: To question how familial patterns have shaped you subconsciously (Mouse)

Scorpio: To engage with skillful dialogue and deep listening (Hawk)

Sagittarius: To build energy reserves by connecting with nature (Beaver)

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