New Moon In Gemini

Herald of Summer and Retrograde Season

A new cycle begins on May 22, 2020, when the New Moon meets up with the Sun in Gemini. As with all the mutable zodiac signs, Gemini corresponds with a shift in season, initiating the final stage of the spring and heralding the start of summer. Think of a brisk wind whipping a kite across the blue sky, and you have an accurate image of this air sign. In a natal horoscope, a Gemini Moon suggests a driving need to be seen as bright, clever, and in-the-know.

This particular New Moon falls at the start of the 2020 retrograde season. In the weeks before, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto all turned retrograde. Retrograde planets represent the need to revisit, revise, reevaluate, and realign regarding events already in progress.  While always a time to plant new seeds, this New Moon suggests we must address unfinished business from the previous cycle.

Magnify A Deep Inclusive Vision

When we look at the horoscope, we see a pile up of Gemini planets, with the Sun/Moon at 2º and Mercury/Venus at 20º. During her journey to the Sun, the Moon first strikes a chord with Uranus, planet of disruption and awakening. She then trines the cluster of retrograde Capricorn/Aquarius planets, hinting at a brief respite from the intensity encountered so far this year.  Also Mars in Pisces squares the Moon, demanding that we take well-considered action to bring balance. And, Neptune squares Mercury and Venus, bestowing a final flourish of waterlogged, diffused, nebulous energy to the whole picture.  We must consider the collective as we take action.

We perceive a message of much needed change to align with Mother Nature. Let’s dream a deep inclusive vision and magnify it! The Moon carries this message into the heart of the Sun on May 22nd. Rich soil for this Moon phase cycle! What can we learn from the break the earth has gotten from our petroleum related activities?

Uplift Others With Your Curiosity

In our personal lives, this Gemini Moon invites us to realign with the rhythms of nature and the Moon. One of the great values of astrology, this is ancient wisdom, and our survival depends on it! This is a day to plant seeds in the vein of curiosity, new learning, and communication. Send a letter to your father or grandfather, old school way. Be curious about the spring flowers or that unknown bird you saw in the woods last week and look them up in a book. Get out on the water and go sailing! Consider what you want to communicate, to whom, and how you want to do it. How can you uplift yourselves and others around you?


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