New Moon in Leo

August 8th, 2021; 9:50AM EDT

sun in leo
photo by Sarah Date

Whole-Hearted Self-Expression

The New Moon in Leo invites us to bring our full, unbroken attention to the topic at hand. Ruled by the Sun, noble Leo illuminates vitality, creative pursuits, and a sense of play. In the school of life, the lesson entails bringing whole-hearted self-expression to the present moment.

Radiance, Positivity, and Trust

At its best, Leo blazes like the hearthfire, drawing everyone in with its regal stature and mesmerizing self-confidence. Leo’s job concerns uplifting and inspiring all people with magnanimous generosity. The pitfall for Leo occurs once one becomes convinced of one’s own greatness, getting so consumed that everyone else is forgotten. The benefic Monarch showers faithful advisors and adoring supporters with appreciation, in order to successfully rule the kingdom. In our day of blossoming self-awareness, the kingdom to rule is the one within. When connected with your authentic inner nature, your external creative acts become infused with radiance, positivity, and trust.

Recover Joy

Given the struggle of our current times on the global and personal scale, it becomes vitally important that we locate moments of joy. This New Moon tangles directly with the Saturn/Uranus astrological signature of the year. We all feel the pressure of this face-off between old conventions and necessary change. Unsustainable systems based on an illogical and heartless premise don’t align with our finite resources. The astrology shows an opportunity to recover joy and kindness in our dealings with one another.

The Present Moment

With New Moon in Leo, commit to bringing your full self to the present moment. Although some carry an abundance of Leo, everyone holds this magnificent energy somewhere in the natal horoscope. Use your Rising Sign to see where to dance with life with spontaneity and playfulness. (If you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign instead.)

Aries: Take a risk by giving unconditional love to your creative endeavors and others, especially to any children in your life.

Taurus: Set up a spontaneous game night in order to bring more joy into your family life.

Gemini: Allow generosity and humor to be the guiding light in all interactions and communications, especially with your siblings.

Cancer: Donate money or effort to an organization that generously offers support for those in need. Honor your own self-worth as part of the equation.

Leo: Let yourself be a beacon for joy in a visible demonstration of exuberance. Wear bright colors. Be vivacious.

Virgo: Bring the balm of being fully present with anyone who is currently suffering.

Libra: Engage your community with a humorous performance. Soak in the love your friends provide.

Scorpio: Notice if your chosen career brings you a sense of joy and vitality. If necessary, consider a change, small or large, to spice it up.

Sagittarius: Allow generosity to radically shift your worldview. Walk in another’s shoes.

Capricorn: Recognize the flaws of others with a generous eye. Keep good boundaries, just let your sense of the commonality of human predicament be lighter.

Aquarius: Bring genuine warmth and humor to anyone you encounter today. If you have a partner, make a romantic, candlelit dinner to show your appreciation.

Pisces: Practice joy in your daily fitness routines. Choose an activity that makes you smile.


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