New Moon In Libra

October 6, 7:05AM EDT

Harmony And Action

Today kicks off a new moon cycle when the Moon merges with the Sun in Libra at 7:06AM EDT. With ornery Mars also in the mix, normally calm Libra feels considerably spicier. This invites you to think about what seeds to plant for harmony in relationships, including a plan for immediate action.

Reflect And Review

This New Moon reinforces the suggestion made by the current Mercury retrograde, also in Libra, to address unfinished business in our most important relationships. As a cardinal air sign, it falls under Libra’s purview to initiate balance and interdependence. Mercury’s backtrack through the sign draws our focus to reflecting on and reviewing what feels out of balance.

Watch For Unwarranted Ferocity

Mars occupies an invisible position next to the Sun, creating a tendency to bite with unwarranted ferocity. Instead, use this agitation as an impetus to act on your desire for more unity with your loved ones. Be honest about your feelings, but don’t let disgruntlement take over your good intentions. In the backdrop, tiny powerhouse Pluto grinds to a halt and shifts gears into forward motion today. Recognize your actions as part of the whole, driving the slow but sure transformation of our society.

Your Life

Use this time to discern where you’d like to see more grace and equality in the major relationships in your life. The current astrology suggests that well-intended actions will serve to create greater stability and freedom in your relationships. With your Rising Sign in mind, read below to locate which area of life requires your attention.

Aries: Attend to any issues regarding equality and cooperation in your primary one-on-one relationships while remaining objective

Taurus: Attend to your routines and practices that promote your health and keep you balanced, including meditation on the breath

Gemini: Attend to your ability to love others unconditionally and find harmony in your creative projects while still being willing to take risks

Cancer: Attend to your relationships with family members with the view of making peace and establishing greater inner security

Leo: Attend to your sense of connection with siblings or close friends through communication and shared learning experiences

Virgo: Attend to your sense of self worth, including cultivating a sense of equanimity regarding your relationship to money and resources

Libra: Attend to your sense of self, how you present yourself, and your desire for authentic self-development

Scorpio: Attend to your relationship with suffering, taking time in solitude to explore compassion and forgiveness to self and others

Sagittarius: Attend to your ability to accept love and support from your community, finding inspiration in the connection

Capricorn: Attend to your professional relationships, noticing what feels aligned and what doesn’t in your career

Aquarius: Attend to your desire to expand your mind, including finding a teacher who pushes you beyond your comfort zone

Pisces: Attend to your boundaries with other people’s intense emotions, tuning into trigger points and what you can learn from them

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