New Moon in Libra

October 16th, 2020,  3:31PM EDT

Cultivate Empathy

As we wind down toward the darker seasons, the New Moon in Libra invites us to plant a seed of empathy for others. In these difficult times, the tendency might be to harden against those who seem to oppose us. It takes a lot of courage to walk in other peoples’ shoes, especially with so much fear lurking within and between us. In other words, the symbolic soil appears barren and hard. These new seeds must find the cracks in the pavement to successfully sprout. Yet, the best vintages come from vines that grow in hardscrabble soil.

Lady Justice Libra

It’s easy to underestimate Libra as being indecisive and shallow. But Libra represents Lady Justice, holding up the scales, serene and firm in her convictions. She values the importance of discussion and objectivity.

In this chart, the New Moon in Libra gazes coolly across at assertive and surly Mars, retrograde in Aries. The tough-guy gang (Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn) in Capricorn skulks at the side looking for a fight. In astrology, this is known as a T-square, volatile and wired for growth. To balance this unsteady combination, think about what needs to be protected and nurtured. In our seed analogy, we must bring the waters of compassion to the dry ground. We need structures that support all peoples and build strong relationships between us.

Rules of Engagement

We are all being asked to engage with the challenges of the times. In the U.S., the national election holds our attention. However, in the grasp of these larger tides, remember to educate yourself about the local issues too. Participate with your vote, a kind word, and if desired, a donation to a cause. Notice what makes you uneasy and be willing to examine your own reactions. Allow other peoples’ stories, including the perspective of the trees and animals, to expand inner compassion. In a time when authoritarianism would have you believe that truth and science are subjective, take a stand for what you know is right.

Tend To Your Relationships

Consider where Libra falls in your chart. What action can you take to bring about more equanimity in your relationships? If you know your rising sign, read below to see which relationships might particularly benefit from an empathetic stance at this time.

If your rising sign is Aries, consider your one-on-one partnerships, fleeting or long term

If your rising sign is Taurus, consider your health and health care practitioners

If your rising sign is Gemini, consider any children in your life and how you give love

If your rising sign is Cancer, consider your family relationships and foundation

If your rising sign is Leo, consider your siblings and your communication style

If your rising sign is Virgo, consider your self worth and relationship to money

If your rising sign is Libra, consider your authentic relationship to yourself

If your rising sign is Scorpio, consider your hidden impact on the collective

If your rising sign is Sagittarius, consider how you accept support from friends and community

If your rising sign is Capricorn, consider your social contribution and relationship to authority

If your rising sign is Aquarius, consider your worldview and gratitude for your teachers

If your rising sign is Pisces, consider how you navigate other people’s baggage with calm

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