New Moon In Pisces

March 13, 2021, 5:21a.m. EST

Bathe In Stillness

Due to the enhanced gravitational pull, ocean tides rise higher at the New Moon. A New Moon in Pisces particularly suggests physical, mental, and emotional cleansing, while marking the last official week of winter. We draw inward for a final bathe in quiet stillness before the dynamic launch into spring.

Love the Wave

Magical elusive Pisces swims and darts in the vast and boundless depths of the ocean, relishing in simply being alive. As the archetypal Mystic, it lifts us above commonplace human existence with ideals and sage wisdom. Contemplate a world without hate, in which radical empathy exists as the mainstream emotional stance. That world comes from the willingness to turn inwards, to befriend, nourish, and transcend the self. To love the wave is to love the ocean.

Empowered Dream

The Pisces New Moon occupies the crosshairs of the essential struggle of 2021, between the old crumbling paradigm and a new one intent on breaking free. This open space of imagination is amplified by the presence of omniscient Neptune and harmonious Venus. We experience a powerful moment to dream of a healed world, and then embody this ideal in a communicated form, such as poetry, ballet, or Tai Chi.

Heal Your Wounds

All humans carry around wounds. Consider what kind of healing you need and start with simply being there for yourself. Take up a meditation practice, a gentle cleansing regime, a poetry course, or allow yourself more naptime. Using your Rising Sign (or if you don’t know it, use your Sun Sign), read below to determine which area of life needs your kind inward attention at this Pisces New Moon.

Aries: selfless service for the collective

Taurus: your relationship to groups

Gemini: the effects of hierarchy on your spirit

Cancer: your connection to teachers

Leo: how you cope with others people’s baggage

Virgo: all ilk of partnership

Libra: taking care of your body and energy field

Scorpio: the young inner you and creativity acts

Sagittarius: the family stew

Capricorn: your relationship to siblings or dear friends

Aquarius: the way your value your resources

Pisces: make your self your best friend

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