Notice Hidden Dependencies: Libra Lunar Eclipse

March 25, 3:00am ET

Astrology for Emotional Wellness March 25 – April 1, 2024

Notice Hidden Tendencies
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Notice Hidden Dependencies

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth’s shadow falls onto the Moon, creating an unusual reddish hue. In astrology, it represents an opportunity to see behavioral tendencies normally hidden from view. In this case, the Libra Lunar Eclipse implicates the unconscious ways you give away your power to other people, to archaic familial belief structures, or to unexamined misunderstandings. Take advantage of this potent and graceful opportunity to notice hidden dependencies of past that impede your forward progress. Eclipses come in pairs, so use the next two weeks before the Aries Solar Eclipse to evaluate what pivots you want to make in your life.

Act On It

On March 26, you may feel a sense of urgency about the issues the Libra Lunar Eclipse brings up for you. Perhaps something has crystallized in your mind’s eye about the way you relate, and you want to act on it right away. By March 27, the mental clarity you felt yesterday now shifts, as the Moon drops into the emotional labyrinth of Scorpio. As you follow the thread, you discover it goes deeper than you originally thought. Take heart and move boldly through the dark armed with self-compassion.

Explore What Beckons

If you feel isolated, touch base with someone who offers you unconditional support on March 28. Occupy your hands with a tangible task, like digging in the garden or fixing a leaky faucet. Choose something that provides a sense of physical satisfaction while the deeper work goes on beneath the surface. From this concentrated state, an important understanding about your values dawns on you. On March 29, continue to surf the emotional wave. Like a surfer popping out of the tube into sunlight, watch for a surge of optimism as the Moon enters Sagittarius. On March 30, follow your intuition and explore what beckons. Share your enthusiasm with like-minded souls. Don’t be deterred by what appears to be a roadblock. Take a light-hearted approach to learn something new.

What Matters Most

On March 31, pay attention to the cues you receive from another before launching in. Sensitivity to subject matter and timing are two key factors in successful comedy. Even if you’re not trying to tell jokes, apply this line of thought when connecting with someone. Small adjustments help you make any desired changes in the passage of time between eclipses. At the Capricorn Last Quarter Moon on April Fool’s Day, you have nothing to lose but your overly serious attitude. Use your tools of empathy to release your grip on your ego’s need for accomplishment. As the midpoint between the two eclipses, reflect on what matters most to you in relationships. Mercury stations retrograde in Aries, giving you an opportunity to unearth a deeper truth about who you are in the world. Channel the jester’s spirit and embrace the journey!

Horoscopes for the Libra Lunar Eclipse

Using your Rising and/or Sun sign, read below for tips about what key area of your life may need a pivot at the Libra Lunar Eclipse. You can also find suggestions about releasing “hot” feelings, like frustration or righteousness, in playful way that supports healthy relationships. And remember, if you have planets in mid-cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you stand to be the most affected.

Aries: Observe where you throw away power in your partnerships due to some erroneous belief you learned long ago. Give yourself space to shift how you show up in these treasured connections. Challenge your partner to a competitive game like ping pong.

Taurus: Tune into which tired routines no longer serve your best interest. Retrieve a deeper sense of self to reset your attitude about what you need for your health. Choose a self-care activity that makes you feel beautiful.

Gemini: Notice how you allow an old narrative to limit the way you give of yourself creatively and joyfully. Give yourself space to express what’s in your heart. Join a team or group activity with the goal of maximum enjoyment.

Cancer: Pay attention to deeply entrenched familial patterns from your lineage. Establish balanced emotional foundation by reconciling the way you handle family relationships. Play an angsty card or board game like Hearts or Sorry! with your family.

Leo: Observe the way you represent yourself through your communication and detect what shift you want to make. Ask yourself if you verbalize your true perspective on the world. Engage relatives or neighbors in a communication game like salad bowl or Telestrations.

Virgo: Ask if your relationship to money or your self-worth is based on early misunderstandings. Pay attention to feelings of anger that arise from intense encounters with others for clues to what you cannot easily see in yourself. If you want to learn more, play Monopoly with friends.

Libra: Watch for a revelation about the way you relate. Recognize how indecision or the inability to assert yourself impacts your sense of self. Channel frustration into a focused solo sport like rock climbing.

Scorpio: Peer deeply into the hidden territory of your unconscious reality with a new lens. A source of power that you have been unaware of waits to be incorporated into your daily practices. For fun, play a game like Catan or Risk that puts you in charge of whole territories.

Sagittarius: Notice an old belief pattern about community groups that prevents you from receiving their support. Draw from the freedom of expression you feel during your creative pursuits and join a group that encourages your full-fledged joyful participation.

Capricorn: Recognize a way that you give away your power in your workplace due to a cultural misunderstanding. Tap the fierce independent spirit you hold in your roots. Plan a game of kickball or pickleball with your co-workers.

Aquarius: Question whether you feel overly dependent on one of your teachers or on a particular philosophy. Express frustration through your voice. Join a group singing venture, like a choir or kirtan to help you find balance.

Pisces: Pay attention to the relationships where you struggle to draw suitable boundaries. This suggests prescribing to a false belief about your own value. If you want to push boundaries, invite others to play a game like Cards Against Humanity.

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