Organize Your Physical Space

Virgo First Quarter Moon

June 14, 2024, 1:18am ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance June 14 – 21

Organize Your Physical Space
Yoga in Yelapa

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Organize Your Physical Space

At the Virgo First Quarter Moon, organize your physical space to enter a meditative state. From this clear inner knowing, lay out your heart-centered dream in a practical format. With a new Mercury cycle also beginning today, discuss your ideas with intellectual equals and decide what skills you need to move forward. As the Moon grows in light at the end of Gemini season, consider who to collaborate with and pay close attention to underlying feelings. If you feel a subtle undertow of emotional dullness, swim with the current. Resist frivolous time-wasting that dilutes your resolve.

An Easy Flow of Conversation

On June 15, indulge in pleasurable pursuits and simple social enjoyments. If you feel briefly pulled into an unhealthy dependent pattern, acknowledge it and let it go. On June 16, the little hiccup you felt yesterday reveals something useful about the way you conduct yourself with others. You seem to have access to the right vocabulary to encourage an easy flow of conversation. Pause to include other opinions but don’t believe everything you hear. Place a notebook and pen next to your bed in case the nightfall brings vivid dreams.

Your Loving Attention

When you wake on June 17, much has changed overnight. Now all in water signs, Venus, Moon, and Mercury draw your attention to the emotional subtext. If you detect anxiety, tap into your breathing and let the exhale linger for a few breaths. Mercury and Venus fuse together, merging your values and your communication, enabling something new and tender to propagate in the relationship realm. Write down dreams that stay with you and ask yourself what you want to nourish with your loving attention. If you feel flooded or overwhelmed by all the water energy, anchor yourself by walking barefoot in the outdoors or otherwise connecting with rock.

The Abiding Calm of Water

On June 18, allow yourself space for quiet introspection. As possible, float, flow, or otherwise immerse yourself in the abiding calm of water. If you paddleboard or kayak, paddle to the peaceful center and listen to the sounds of wilderness. On June 19, get up earlier than usual to let your morning unfold with a minimum of rush. As the Moon enters adventurous Sagittarius, it lightens the mood and helps you see the funny side. Explore unfamiliar territory to discover something exciting.

Spiritual Perspective

On June 20, you may briefly glimpse a thrilling new horizon in amongst the clouds. The Sun squares illusionary Neptune, suggesting that your earlier clarity has now dissolved. If you feel fogged in by this dampening of your spirits, lean into your spiritual perspective to see the bigger picture. The Sun enters Cancer, heralding the Solstice. On June 21, accept reality with the helpful tools of kindness and a sense of humor. Take advantage of a golden opportunity to be kind and considerate, especially to someone you find difficult. Troubleshoot your end of the problem. As the Moon moves into Capricorn, it reaches its full illumination and highlights the very serious matters of accountability and integrity.

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