Providing Care

Cancer First Quarter Moon

March 28, 2023, 10:32pm EDT

Providing Care
Butchart Botanical Gardens in Victoria, BC

Aries Season Meditation For Action

Providing Care

The Cancer First Quarter Moon reemphasizes taking an action that provides care for someone or something important to you. Providing care means to protect, foster, and nurture in a way that encourages flourishing. Since the Cancer Moon evokes the mother image, it specifically refers to caring for whatever you helped to initiate, in a way that truly respects the needs of the entity in question.

Anchoring The Roots

In the plant world, the seedling’s ability to flourish comes from the early anchoring of the roots. This allows for self-sufficient growth and increases the prospects for thriving. On an evolutionary level, the matriarchal sign of Cancer correlates to this notion of roots, symbolizing the link between land and people. In largely becoming severed from the rhythms of the land, humanity collectively suffers from a disorienting sense of rootlessness. Healing this rift requires activating the human capacity for providing care, in order to re-anchor the roots. This process begins in the backyard.

Hidden Path’s Astrology Forecast For March 28 – April 6

The Cancer First Quarter Moon feels familiar, as it reiterates a statement about acting to care for others while hitting ignition on your own projects. It also suggests the possibility of raw and tender emotions, so be sure to give yourself a little extra love. At the very least, mindfully make yourself a cup of tea, such as this herbal nervine, to soothe and calm you down. Pausing allows you to take advantage of a dramatic opportunity to open your mind to a new and independent way of thinking. To that end, reflect on how you assert yourself and whether you need to incorporate more consideration for others into your actions. Learning to wield assertive energy wisely is of utmost importance for creating a more equitable existence.

On March 30, a trine between Mars and Saturn provides an empathetic container that allows you to accept responsibility for something that simply felt too hard in the past. This positive emotional exchange creates a ripple effect in how you value your relationships. Over the next couple of days, make sure you do something fun with your important people. Get out on a nighttime jaunt while the Moon grows in light. On Sunday April 2, relax into the simplicity of logistical tasks. The next day, you may need to slow down in order to examine something previously hidden from view. If you can employ an objective mindset, it helps you integrate this information into your overall perspective. As your perspective shifts, a flood of empathy for those involved follows, though without losing sight of accountability. A new doorway into healing becomes visible.

For more information, go here to watch the AstroPath Aries Season video, including a description for each Rising sign.

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