Recommit To Practical Tasks

Virgo New Moon

September 14, 2023, 9:39pm EDT

Recommit To Practical Tasks
Orb Weaver at Work

Virgo Season Meditation To Calm And Focus The Mind

Recommit To Practical Tasks

The 21º Virgo New Moon reiterates the idea of completing what you set out to do on August 23, when Virgo season began, and Mercury turned retrograde at this degree. Even without total clarity, recommit to practical tasks and imbue them with the intention to be of service to others. Check your plans, aim for efficiency, and trust that your individual actions contribute to collective shifts.

Being Of Service

Recall that Virgo dabbles in analysis, measurable results, and hard work. Also bear in mind that the real motivation of Virgo is being of service to others and society. “Service” could be misconstrued as being indentured or beholden to someone with more power than you. However, in this reference, service is about helpfulness and recognizing the small ways you can contribute to something larger than yourself. Can you remember an experience of helping someone out and feeling positively buoyant afterward? With this in mind, examine your environment, open your eyes to who needs what, and execute the tasks before you at the Virgo New Moon. If you feel confused or uncertain, take the pressure off and focus on the obvious details while holding the intention for service. Your efforts promise to have a greater ripple effect than you expect. Using your Rising (and/or Sun) sign, read below for tips on what area of your life this affects.

Aries: Pay close attention to your daily habits. Adjust your routines as needed for maximum physical and mental health benefits.

Taurus: Revisit the tasks you need to do for your creative process. Recognize how your willingness to be playful with your creative endeavors benefits your community.

Gemini: Continue to organize the details of your home life in order to feel grounded. Let this serve as your foundation that allows you to help others through your profession.

Cancer: Recommit to taking care of the logistical details. Practicing kindness in your daily interactions and casual encounters provides a major source of wisdom.

Leo: Tune into how you think about and value yourself. Recognize your great ability to help others with what you have learned on your journey of understanding your own worth.

Virgo: Ground yourself through the simple understanding that your life direction regards being of service. Take steps to continue along the path of self-knowledge through your partnerships.

Libra: Recommit to being kind to yourself, as your self-criticism only gets in your way. Choose a physical practice that holds kindness for all beings at the center.

Scorpio: Consider what communities you feel part of and how they support you in your goals and aspirations. Offer help and love through practical tasks, one of your special skills.

Sagittarius: Register how your profession affords you the great ability to be of service to others. No matter what kind of work you do, adjust to bring this into focus and feel it impact your roots.

Capricorn: Recognize your ability to translate wisdom into practical and useful tasks. As you continue in this work, feel how it impacts your daily communications.

Aquarius: Continue to shore up your boundaries so that you may help others heal on a deeper level. As you relax into your understanding of your own worth, you heal too.

Pisces: Revisit how you contribute to your partnerships. Adjust according to what the relationship needs and trust that you are also taking care of yourself through these actions.

Hidden Path’s Astrology Forecast September 14 – 22

At the Virgo New Moon, resolve to complete the details of your plans. Pay attention to your off-handed ruminations, as they inform what you most need to see progress on. Lay out the framework by outlining the steps, though acknowledge that you’ll need to adapt as you move forward. On September 15, the Moon switching into Libra prioritizes social connection and affability. You want to be liked for your accomplishments. Mercury stations direct at 8º Virgo, throwing the gear out of reverse and into drive. Just like a car, you can’t shift gears while you’re moving, so relish in the pause. Anchor your feet to the ground and remind yourself of yesterday’s resolve. You may be struck with a brilliant insight about the true nature of reality or experience a connective flow to the bigger story of humanity. If you do, share your realizations and invite reactions into the next day.

On September 17 if your ebullience goes too far, you may receive an ego check and be reminded of how many people have supported you to get you where you are now. Healthy relationships insist on a balance of cooperation and autonomy. Accept an intense encounter as a guide towards empowerment, your own as well as others. Aim to set aside selfishness. On September 18 with the Moon in Scorpio, your mind remains deeply embroiled in emotional subtext. Check yourself for holding resentments or being overly harsh on yourself or others. Welcome the enhanced intuition.

By September 19, you can see the bigger picture in acute relief. You can no longer turn away from the reality of all living on one planet or of seeing yourself in the other. A rare window allows you to actually see the ripple effect of your practical actions on others. On September 20, the Moon enters Sagittarius making both optimism and empathy more accessible, though not without effort. When you open to this spiritual point of view, you are rewarded with the gift of perspective. You can see, feel, and experience how individual effort weaves crucial threads into the collective tapestry. In your personal life, take advantage of this powerful energy to link and integrate different areas of your life into your plans. In preparation for a second Sagittarius First Quarter Moon on September 22, embrace optimism yet focus on executing your practical plans.

Recommit To Practical Tasks


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