Reframe Your Thinking

Gemini New Moon

June 6, 2024, 8:37am ET

Astrology Forecast June 6 – 14

Reframe Your Thinking
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Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation


Reframe Your Thinking

At the Gemini New Moon, gather the wisdom you’ve collected from unconventional or surprising sources and use it to reframe your thinking. Now more than ever, meditate on your expectations and communicate what’s on your mind. As the Moon builds in light this week, share your private ideas but be prepared for pushback. When emotional truth conflicts with intellectual logic, pause to listen to your inner voice rather than wasting energy in battles of wills. Then establish boundaries to keep your focus in a heart-centered place.

Turn A Corner

On June 7, you may wake ready to tackle the day, though that same edge of conflict between mental and emotional needs bogs you down. Put on music that inspires you with a mystical rhythm. Grant yourself some privacy to wander in the inner world, even if you only have a couple of minutes. Move through the day with gentleness and care, though speak up if you’re worried about someone’s safety. On June 8, notice if you feel at odds with something, perhaps a person in your environment, as Venus squares Saturn. Without reacting, feel into the obstacle to suss out the core conflict. If you can slow down enough to examine the internal issue, you may turn a corner into new territory. Later in the day, what seemed insurmountable dissolves in a flood of understanding.

A Mighty Physical Work

On June 9, Mars leaves the combat zone of Aries and enters placid Taurus. Though Mars prefers not to be here, even the warrior needs to rest, refuel, and meditate. If you feel sluggish or unmotivated, succumb to stillness. Dawdle over a leisurely cup of tea and soak in a good book. Later, an exciting conversation or piece of news incentivizes you to explore an opportunity that may have felt irritating previously. Follow the fun as the Moon enters playful Leo. Take the high road if something tries to dampen the mood. Embrace the gift of enthusiasm and share it with all those in your presence on June 10. Communicate your positive intentions. As the Moon shapes into a waxing crescent on June 11, normally self-motivated Mars gets silenced by Pluto, suggesting explosive results. Do not engage in power struggles as you stand to lose the fruits of your efforts. Instead, put fuming or stewing energy into a mighty physical work. Hike up the steep way or dig up the invasive weed in your garden. If you are at work, avoid those you find antagonizing and focus intently on the task at hand. Diffuse angst with humor.

Be Direct

Things calm a bit on June 12, as the Moon moves into humble Virgo. It may be a relief to put your head down and work. However, your desire for light-heartedness encounters heavy responsibility as Mercury squares Saturn. You may have to use your authority to address an issue that isn’t particularly comfortable. If so, be direct, keep it short, and be aware of sensitive emotions, including your own. Later in the day, if the data doesn’t add up with the big picture, let it ride until Friday. Concentrate on practicality for the first part of the day on June 13. If you witness a misuse of personal power, you have the opportunity to constructively call it out. You have to tools to articulate that which needs to be voiced with delicacy. If you doubt your actions later, rest assured that discomfort points the way to growth and you don’t have to have all the answers. When the Virgo First Quarter Moon arrives on June 14, you feel fully ready to tackle your task list. Wipe the sweat from your brow and congratulate yourself for making it through a sticky week!

Horoscopes for the Gemini New Moon

At the Gemini New Moon, plant a seed to stay connected to your mental convictions, even along the bumpy road of relationships and/or connections to resources. Be flexible but don’t steer away from necessary conversations. Let yourself be guided by the genuine desire for healing.

Aries: Ruminate on recent learning about your own subconscious needs. Let it inform your ability to include an empathetic perspective in the way you talk to others.

Taurus: Make a plan to affirm and commit to speaking kindly to yourself by creating a new mental narrative. Feel the support you get from community or friend groups.

Gemini: Plant an empowering seed to be accountable to yourself even when you are vulnerable to public scrutiny. Your adaptability makes you stronger than you think.

Cancer: Free your wild imagination and let it help you structure a philosophy grounded in empathy and accountability.

Leo: Trust your ability to communicate in group settings. Consider taking on a new layer of responsibility based on your unique understanding of the suffering of others.

Virgo: Switch to a new mode in your public relationships by incorporating an objective but kind viewpoint. Use what you’ve learned about empathy from your partnerships.

Libra: Allow the sensitivities of others to guide you toward an empathetic and holistic philosophy. Slow down for better health.

Scorpio: Stay curious about the trials and tribulations of others while expanding your empathy through unconditional love and acceptance.

Sagittarius: Commit to holding space in your partnerships that allows for both joyful and challenging experiences. Draw strength from the well of compassion deep in your core.

Capricorn: Choose new routines that keep you mentally engaged. Ask for support from supportive people who you enjoy spending time with

Aquarius: Follow your curiosity and drop into a creative new project, process, or love relationship. Let healthy self-esteem guide your way.

Pisces: Be curious about your mindset when it comes to your family life. Uncover your innate ability for compassion to accompany you in this study.

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