Release the Need to Socialize

Libra Last Quarter Moon

January 3, 2023, 10:30pm EST

Release the Need to Socialize
Switch the Track

Capricorn Season Grounding Meditation

Release the Need to Socialize

At the Libra Last Quarter Moon, release the need to socialize so you can refocus on work. At this point in Capricorn season, make sensible choices that help you switch gears and organize your workload. Be deliberate about incorporating both collaborative and aesthetic considerations into your plans.

Mental Equilibrium

Take a moment to evaluate your current balance between socializing and solitude. Notice if you use entertainment to escape your responsibilities. You may need to retract from social engagements in order to direct your energy into new projects. Like a battery that needs to be charged, willpower is a finite resource. Guard against whittling away your valuable time on distractions and ineffective pursuits. Pause to establish mental equilibrium and build your schedule from there.

Astrology Forecast for January 3 – 10

On January 3 at the Libra Last Quarter Moon, consciously withdraw your effort from recent social planning. Find an even-keeled mentality so you can review your current endeavor from all sides. The trick is to stay stable while reaching out to meet major change. Also, you may still be trying to come to grips with the limits of one of your relationships. On January 4, you are ready to go full bore on your long-term plans as Mars enters Capricorn. Establish goals and break them down into clear and achievable steps. Including others guarantees a bigger future impact, even if it seems less efficient at first. On January 5, you may want to dig deeper to get more traction as the Moon moves into Scorpio. Go with it, as fruitful answers or impacts are likely.

January 6 brings up a wound that needs healing. Pay attention if you feel aggravated or reactive, as you may have made an unfair assessment of someone’s competence, or lack thereof. Take this seriously into the next day by inquiring where the intensity of your feelings really came from. Much insight comes from this kind of self-reflection. Take your concerns on an outdoor adventure for healthy release. On January 8, the dark moon phase begins and indicates a time to sit with internal truth. Channel the hermit in the cave to find inner calm and allow visions to emerge from the mist. Trust that what you need to know will be revealed.

On January 9, natural systems supply inherent wisdom, so go outside to play while continuing to tune into minor downloads. A doozy of an awakening could land on you late in the day that invites you to incorporate a new angle into your ambitions. You may get insight regarding how to elevate social benefits or emotional integrity. On December 10, heed a direct message about a directional shift you need to make. Like a train conductor, you must manually switch the track of your awareness. Let this clear the decks for the Capricorn New Moon on December 11, when the fertile ground can receive a seed to maximize integrity. Prepare to fold in all your new learning.

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