Release What Weighs on Your Heart

Cancer Last Quarter Moon

October 6, 2023, 9:47am ET

Release What Weighs on Your Heart
Moon Rising Over Lake Champlain

Libra Season Meditation for Mental Equanimity

Release What Weighs on Your Heart

At the Cancer Last Quarter Moon, let your feelings occupy your full attention. Allow time to simply feel your feelings, a radical act. When you dive into your sensitive emotions, you can reflect on what you need and release what weighs on your heart. This shedding reveals a reliable and unexpected source of inner emotional stability.

Emotional Repercussions

During Libra season, the Cancer Last Quarter Moon reminds you to notice the emotional undercurrents in your relationships. It’s easy to get caught up in the mental game of weighing past conversations and evaluating what seems fair. Yet the emotional repercussions of your relationship issues hold far more weight than anything you can say or think. Therefore, pause to understand what emotions you are unconsciously holding onto. If you are a natural empath, you may have even absorbed stuff that isn’t truly yours. Then visualize yourself letting go of whatever pins you to the past. The catharsis allows you to stand strong in the present moment.

Hidden Path’s Astrology Forecast October 6 – 14

At the Cancer Last Quarter Moon, feel your feelings, bless them, and let them go. When you surrender to this process of release, you unencumber yourself from any heaviness that has been holding you down. On October 7, feel yourself becoming lighter. Ride out mood swings and embrace a sense of levity as the Moon enters joyful Leo. Jump on an opportunity to socialize if it arises.

On October 8, you’ll be glad that you shed emotional baggage since anything that you haven’t dealt with promises to pop up like a gopher in the garden. With Mars squaring Pluto, frustration, disappointment, or resentment are all possible choices on the emotional menu. Instead, aim to direct powerful feelings into transformative avenues. Be completely honest about your feelings rather than boiling over. As with all emotionally intense situations, the core issue is something that has been stewing away in the depths for a while. As you excavate this central piece of information, you unpack the source of your ire and retrieve the key to relationship renewal. Venus moving into Virgo suggests that your resolve to stay on the difficult and messy path of self-knowledge helps others.

Let the dust settle on October 9 and observe the ways in which you are inspired by other people’s moxie. On October 10, review your obligations and duties in an important relationship. Tap an empathetic stance for greater understanding. See if you can find creative flow in a mundane task that doesn’t automatically spark transcendent states. A lesson about being present is available if you’re open to it. By October 11, it becomes apparent that you must be diplomatic in your dealings with a sensitive issue. This issue could be yours or someone else’s, as we all have unhealed wounds that keep us mired in the past.

On October 12, Mars enters Scorpio, a sign in which it holds great power. This potentially bestows far-reaching and empowering effects on any actions you take. On the other hand, if you feel powerless, be careful as you may overcompensate to destructive effect. As the balsamic Moon prepares to eclipse the Sun, it symbolizes the need to wander in the darker recesses of the psyche. The Libra season twin issues of dependence/support in your relationships may be at their most poignant. Be curious about what shows up. On October 13, Mars trining Saturn in water signs stabilizes volatility and offers the gift of flow. Embrace this opportunity for lasting accomplishments. On October 14, the Libra Solar Eclipse invites you to assess how balanced you feel in your relationships and prepare for a pivot.

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