Renew Your Social Contracts

Libra Solar Eclipse and New Moon

October 14, 2023, 1:55pm ET

Renew Your Social Contracts

Libra Season Meditation for Mental Equanimity

Renew Your Social Contracts

Libra season has emphasized seeking balance in your relationships by evaluating the way you depend on others in both healthy and unhealthy ways. Sometimes, you leave yourself in the lurch to satisfy others. Other times, you feel deeply grateful to the loved ones who support your independence. Now at the Libra Solar Eclipse, consider what you’d like to be different in your relationships and prepare to renew your social contracts.

Alter the Trajectory

Eclipses represent pivot points. This one provides an opportunity to alter the trajectory in the way you connect with others. You may have to let go of something, like a habit or belief, that once served you well. Alternately, you might have to retrieve a piece of yourself that you previously trashed. Because the eclipse is in Libra, there could be a strong desire to please others or avoid conflict altogether. Instead, think about stepping into a new level of personal power. Identify your goals in the relationship that currently holds your attention. Analyze your desires and talk about what you really want. If you rock the boat, let it rock. And remember, the intensity of this eclipse depends on the trigger points in your personal horoscope. If you have important planets between 17-24º of Libra and/or Aries, you will likely be the most strongly affected. Use your Rising sign to read below and see which social contracts in your life may be impacted.

Aries: Seek balance in your primary partnerships. Work to accept the way your profession impacts your partnerships.

Taurus: Observe your practices and renew your commitment to self-care. Change your routines by accepting a dynamic new viewpoint.

Gemini: Recommit to your creative self-expression or willingness to be playful. Let the values of others alter your perspective and notice how this supports your ability to give of yourself.

Cancer: Reframe your family relationships and thereby your own inner foundation. Accept the support of your partner or close friends in this reframing.

Leo: Reset the contract with a sibling, close friend, or neighbor. Speak diplomatically and with confidence in these navigations. Rely on your routines for a source of empowerment.

Virgo: Rewrite your money story and watch your self-esteem change with it. Surrender to the creative process to find a new way to value yourself.

Libra: Renew your relationship to yourself. Release the need to control an old family story of your identity and feel a sense of liberation.

Scorpio: Confront addictive tendencies by telling the story of your struggle. Surrender to your deep curiosity and use its inherent power to guide you.

Sagittarius: Take the opportunity to recognize where you feel truly supported by community and embrace a needed pivot. Open to new level of self-love through this work.

Capricorn: Renegotiate your professional role bases on your gift for diplomacy. Recognize and stay grounded in your own authority.

Aquarius: See the beauty that comes through your balanced world view. Keep opening to the power of compassion.

Pisces: Reaffirm your ability to set healthy boundaries. Accept a source of power that comes from the community that supports your aspirations.

Hidden Path’s Astrology Forecast October 14 – 21

The Libra Solar Eclipse points to transforming how you navigate the rich ground of relationship. Get familiar with the way you extend yourself to others. Sometimes, you must battle with others to defend yourself or make a point. However, you also must recognize when external conflict merely mirrors your own internal dilemmas. If you find yourself in conflict, pause to identify the true cause of your stress and then communicate your findings to those who need to know. This central theme intensifies into the next day as the Moon squares Pluto and moves into Scorpio. Keep one hand on the lever marked kindness while being deeply introspective. Resist being pulled towards resentment or self-deprecation by funneling energy into pursuits that require rigorous focus and precision.

By October 16, a light at the end of the tunnel appears. Your feats are rewarded with the stability that comes with self-knowledge. Things continue to brighten as you exit out of the existential dark, sense of humor intact. With effort, you finally understand (a difficult) someone else’s point of view. On October 18, a clarity of purpose emerges as you yearn for a new direction. And, you know exactly who supports you in your desire. Continue to contemplate the social contracts you want to adjust in an optimistic light. The goal is to release past aggravations and outgrow your personal story. Mercury joins the Sun to confirm a new start in relationships on October 20. Watch to see which of your relationships are ready for a paradigm shift. Through the next day, take this new information to heart and turn towards the relationships which revel in change and depth. Invest in quality connection. As the Capricorn First Quarter Moon sets in on October 21, make integrity, that authentic alignment of inner and outer, your prime objective.

Renew Your Social Contracts

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