Share Your Wisdom

Sagittarius Full Moon, May 23, 2024, 9:53am ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 23 – 30

Share Your Wisdom
Fly Agaric, Morristown, Vermont

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Share Your Wisdom

The Sagittarius Full Moon signifies a powerful moment to share your wisdom. With ease, slough off an archaic belief, limiting narrative, or old habit that obscures your path. Since Gemini season signifies pursuing objectivity and connecting socially, it may feel easier to revisit and release something difficult. Pay attention to dream remnants from the night before that may show you how to turn troubles into sources of wisdom. As your perspective expands to include a new track, recognize the universal or mythic quality of your personal adventure. Venus entering Gemini nudges you to go ahead and discuss what you have learned. Let concerns dissolve and possibilities expand as you settle into the conversation. The Moon begins her waning phase, inviting you to contemplate your desire for deeper communication.


Powerful Conversations

On May 24, continue to apply your wisdom to excavating new paths. If you see a barricade ahead, briefly pause to examine a perspective you may be missing. Include it to continue smoothly along with your personal pursuits. On May 25, from the moment your feet hit the floor, prepare for powerful conversations. Take special care to listen deeply to the interests of the other person. Let your mood turn to serious and practical matters when the Moon enters Capricorn. At 7:14pm Jupiter enters Gemini, signifying an expansion in your mental capacity and the desire to swap messages with your co-collaborators.


Download Your Insights

Let Sunday May 26 be a day of rest, as you turn inward and think deeply about how and why you’d like to expand. Turn any conundrums over in your mind, looking for gaps in the plan. By May 27, an awakening of sorts hovers on the horizon. When the Moon enters Aquarius, detachment becomes more available, giving you the space to imagine the bigger transformative impact of your efforts. Take extra time to decompress before going to bed. Engage in somatic exercises and quit screens earlier than usual. On May 28, the disseminating Moon continues its foray through Aquarius, activating your imagination and desire for social connection. Download your insights, write them down, and talk it out.


A Cool Balm

Relish in the high energy of the day on May 29. If an obstacle appears, feel into the apparatus and tissues of your body and look for insights. Much wisdom rests here. Mars conjunct Chiron suggests that you may need to act on something that calls your attention. It likely involves your use of impetuous, impatient, or self-motivated energy. Attend to inflamed or discouraged feelings. When the Moon moves into Pisces later in the day, you may experience a sense of relief, like a cool balm applied to a burn. On May 30, the Pisces Last Quarter Moon insists that you bypass thoughts and set them aside in favor of feelings. Let thoughts move like clouds through the sky and soften into the feelings.


Horoscopes for the Sagittarius Full Moon

Use your Rising (and/or Sun) sign and read the segment below for tips on what stories to share. Embrace the power that Pluto in Aquarius brings you at the moment of the Sagittarius Full Moon.

Aries: Share the optimistic worldview you have gained from communicating with close friends, relatives, or neighbors, and let it help you weather changes in your community.

Taurus: Inspire others with your newfound wisdom about the importance of valuing yourself. Notice how pressure in your public life supports your ability to set healthy boundaries.

Gemini: Encourage your partners in life to try new adventures based on curiosity. Recent big changes in your worldview play into your bold new attitude.

Cancer: Apply your buoyant wisdom and adventurousness to your daily practices and share your findings with others. Be empowered by your X-ray ability to see beneath the surface.

Leo: Share the story of your creative unfoldment to inspire others. Let the needs of your community guide you. Notice a big change in the way you relate in one-on-one encounters.

Virgo: Publicly share the wisdom you have gained from your family, lineage, or the place that you live. Draw on recent changes in your daily or health care routines.

Libra: Speak bravely to casual acquaintances about recent experiences that have led you to unexpected wisdom. Dig into your creative processes and let it reveal life through a new lens.

Scorpio: Expand your notion of your self-worth dramatically and share what you learn from this expansive view. Resilience has come from navigating change within your roots.

Sagittarius: Turn up the light and shine your humor outward as a beacon for all others. Trust the power of your voice to exude your deepest wisdom effortlessly.

Capricorn: Be brave and share the hidden wisdom tucked away in the folds of your therapeutic healing process. Your power comes from your ability to value yourself.

Aquarius: Share your love and understanding with your community. Accept the support you receive in turn. Notice big changes in the way you perceive yourself.

Pisces: Share your profound if unorthodox wisdom with your colleagues and the public. Trust the transformation that churns away at the edges of your consciousness.

Share Your Wisdom

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