Step Into Solitude

Capricorn Season & Winter Solstice

December 21, 2023 – January 20, 2024

Step Into Solitude
Winter Solitude

Capricorn Season Grounding Meditation

Step Into Solitude

In the zodiac scheme, Capricorn serves as a pragmatic and sober antidote to the erratic ebullience of Sagittarius season. At the Solstice, Capricorn season marks the beginning of the Sun’s journey north. Warmer times beckon, but only after first embracing the lonely winter quiet. Use this step into solitude to arrive at a deep internal understanding of what you want to accomplish. From there, you can hatch a serious and effective plan.

Master of Your Inner Domain

Represented by the Sea Goat, a mythical half-goat half-fish animal, Capricorn climbs the mountain heights and swims to the sea bottom in its concern for integrity. With its systems thinking approach, Capricorn of all the signs can move the machinations of society along. On an individual level, Capricorn season offers a prime time to align your thoughts, words, and deeds. To become the master of your inner domain in this manner, you must first be willing to step into solitude. Once you establish internal grounding, you understand the importance of following through on your goals for both personal integrity and social impact.

The Season Overall & Horoscopes

With both the Sun and Moon entering earth signs, Capricorn season starts with a welcome feeling of calm solidity, a remedy for earlier feelings of anxiety. The next day, Mercury joins the Sun at the retrograde cycle midpoint, issuing a reminder to revisit your practical to-do list. Like a lamb, the Christmas holiday arrives gently with access to lots of warm fuzzy feelings that culminate at the Cancer Full Moon December 26. Be sure to have a plan for December 27, as it could be easy to get disoriented and cling angrily to an unhelpful point of view. Other than that, the final days of December imply an ease of togetherness and joviality, as well as clear forward movement.

By January 3, release the need to socialize so you can begin to buckle down and get serious. The first order of business regards being willing to change direction in some part of your life. Your personal integrity is at stake, so set an intention to move in accord with this shift at the Capricorn New Moon on January 11. Once Mercury re-enters Capricorn, your mental focus becomes more consumed with work, though you feel more inspired and positive. Be prepared to take decisive action on January 17. On the last day of the season, the Sun conjuncts Pluto, demanding that you commit to some kind of transformative process. The world is changing, and we must change with it. Shortly thereafter, both Sun and Pluto move into Aquarius, implying the need for closure on an old way of doing things.

During this Capricorn season, embrace solitude to contend with issues of integrity in some area of your life. Use your Rising (or Sun) sign to read below to see where you must hold yourself accountable.

Aries: Focus on serious matters to do with your career, public reputation, or authority figures. Question how your work both anchors you and impacts society.

Taurus: Check the underpinnings of your worldview and hold yourself accountable to seek growth in places that might lack social understanding.

Gemini: Ascertain the solidity of your boundaries with those around you. Notice how your efforts contribute to other people’s ability to hold themselves accountable.

Cancer: Notice the seriousness with which you hold yourself in one-on-one relationships. Pay attention to whether your internal view of the relationship lines up with your follow through.

Leo: Assess your daily routines and practices for their efficacy. Take your physical self-care seriously so you can be available to follow through on your daily responsibilities.

Virgo: Take stock of how you express your love and creative energy. Schedule time and make space to pour yourself into creative projects, play time with children, or joyful adventures.

Libra: Tune into serious matters to do with your family, home, or ancestry. Take the time to get rooted so you can step up to the plate and offer mature support and structure to others.

Scorpio: Take responsibility for the seriousness and gravity of your communicative abilities. Your words and deeds hold weight with your siblings, neighbors, or local purveyors.

Sagittarius: Use solitude to strengthen the connection to your deeply held values. Recognize the importance of this inner work for encouraging integrity and self-esteem in others.

Capricorn: Recognize your ability to hold authority in your life. Witness how this impacts all those around you so you can wield this responsibility with integrity.

Aquarius: Accept responsibility for working deeply with your subconscious patterns. The fruits of this spiritual labor ripples out to the collective in a way you can’t see.

Pisces: Evaluate your ability to truly accept the love and support of your community. Question the social impacts of your involvement with likeminded others.

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Capricorn Season


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