Strike Up A Conversation

Scorpio Season: First Quarter Moon in Aquarius

November 1, 2022, 2:37am EDT

Strike Up A Conversation

Strike Up A Conversation

When the Moon enters Aquarius, it lands halfway between the Solar Eclipse on October 25 and the Lunar Eclipse on November 8, providing an intellectual contrast to the intense emotional process of Scorpio season. Every First Quarter Moon symbolizes a rub between two different principles. In this case, Aquarius prefers to converse on rational scholarly topics, steering clear of powerful emotions bubbling up underneath. The Scorpio Sun suggests that we can’t avoid these undercurrents. So strike up a conversation with someone who seems wildly different from you, and don’t be afraid to share your deeper feelings.

Aquarius: Common Ground

Fixed air sign Aquarius signifies our universal membership in the human race. Engage a stranger, an acquaintance, or someone new in your community with warmth and humor, despite perceived ideological differences. When you take a risk and reach out, you might be surprised at what common ground you share. On the other hand, not conversing with others increases feelings of alienation, which ultimately can lead to the extremes of objectification and dehumanization.  Finding common ground activates the power between, the dynamic force of alliance.

The Week Ahead

As you get out and take a break from your private introspection, recognize the likelihood for uncomfortable social situations in these tenuous times. With Mars now retrograde, remember to pause. Don’t escalate things, but be willing to stand up for your convictions. There’s not a lot to lose by being gregarious. There is, however, much to lose in staying dead silent. Seek to connect rather than antagonize. Resist whatever old unhelpful habits you have regarding conflict and strive to remain open-minded. The astrological patterns suggest that the struggles between what defines rules and freedom in the broader world mirror themselves in your personal relationships. Allow extra space for big or volatile feelings. Also, vote.

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