Cancer Season

Sun In Leo

July 22, 2020

Sound the trumpets, roll out the red carpet

Tilt your hat, step into the spotlight

Get ready to celebrate.

It’s Leo season!


Sunflowers jubilant in a light-hearted breeze

Blackberries juicy upon the bramble

Golden corn, scarlet tomatoes, verdant basil

Cicadas hum in the trees, crickets strum their organic violins


Bask in the midsummer heat as the fat lazy river winds on by.

Everything speaks of the harvest soon to come

Now we wait, so seize the moment

Let’s dance and play!


Fixed Fire radiating steady benevolence

Leo the Sun, the roaring hearth fire

Gather round, warm your hands and hearts.

Perform, express, imagine in this court of joy.


But woe when Leo who cannot see beyond himself

The tyranny of ego, supreme arrogance, blinded by its own light

Leadership without empathy, inspiration or kindness is fake

And this is travesty – for this is not what Leo is here to do.


To the contrary


Leo means to be the beacon of enlightened generosity

To revel in the innocent play of children and animals

And with magnanimous poise, shine the contents of the heart

For the illumination of others.


It’s Leo season!



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