Sun Into Aries

Raw Survival Instinct
photo by Bogomil Mihaylov

Spring Equinox

March 20, 2022 11:33am EDT

Change In Direction

In the Western zodiacal system, the four cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn each correspond to the beginning of a season, marking a clear change in direction. The Sun moving into decisive Aries demarcates the line between winter and spring in the Northern Hemisphere, or in the Southern Hemisphere, summer and autumn. People with a preponderance of cardinal signs tend to be the ones who step forward to initiate processes. Aries suggests hotheaded, spontaneous, and fierce energy, bringing to mind the archetypes of the Warrior, the Pioneer, and the Daredevil.

Impulse To Launch

Each sign emerges out of the preceding sign, so the jump from the dreamy musings of Pisces to fast and furious Aries might feel abrupt. To understand Aries better, consider the raw survival instinct contained in a tiny seed, as it cracks open the protective shell with incredible force and tunnels toward the light. Like a rocket ship, Aries describes the impulse to launch, unapologetically, into something entirely new. Notice that this energy does not hesitate or stop to think about consequences before it acts.

Muster The Courage To Act

At the most profound level, Aries symbolizes mustering the courage to act in the face of your fears. True fearlessness only comes when you embrace your vulnerability and take decisive action with full awareness. The trick to awakening Aries energy involves aiming the power of this dynamo into activism, athletics, or new endeavors. Before you rush headlong into the new season, take a moment to reflect on anything you wish to close down first. Then read below to reflect on which part of your life most benefits from the application of courage, over the course of the next month.

With Aries Rising, your fierce self needs to take action in the defense of your vulnerability in order to allow conscious personal growth and development.

With Taurus Rising, your gentle grounded soul needs to reckon with the hidden fires behind the scenes of your personality. Be bold in your deep dive to reckon with the divinity within.

With Gemini Rising, your quicksilver networking vibe needs to take bold action for the community. Be the hero when called to speak up.

With Cancer Rising, you need to raise a brave bold flag for advancement in your professional life. As natural nurturer, know that your actions ultimately serve to protect others.

With Leo Rising, your proud Leo heart needs to stand tall for those from other cultures, as you recognize the common humanity that slices across all categories.

With Virgo Rising, your humble being serves in defense of the underdog. Be ready to offer your considerable problem-solving chutzpah to complicated situations involving other peoples’ intense emotions.

With Libra Rising, your natural desire to unify with others invites you to seek the balance between autonomy and cooperation, especially in your one-on-one partnerships. Harmony requires fierce action and negotiation.

With Scorpio Rising, research and implement a brand new set of routines that support your profound transformation into a deeper layer of your authentic self. Increase the heat and prepare to sweat.

With Sagittarius Rising, recommit to a new form of creativity that allows you to give more freely of your unconditional love. As a natural explorer and philosopher, let your creative energy take you to a whole new place.

With Capricorn Rising, take a stand in your family matters. Find the courage to reconnect with a long lost family member, or be willing to stand up for what is right within the family dynamic.

With Aquarius Rising, your innovative view of an equitable future needs to be spoken. Communicate and share your valuable view with the common people, either verbally or in writing.

With Pisces Rising, your deep dreamy soul must take a new action regarding your financial situation or your view of your self worth. You are more valuable that you know, so offer your resources with courage.

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