Tend The Inner Fire

Leo Season 2023

July 22 – August 23

Tend The Inner Fire
Armstrong Redwoods, California

Leo Season Meditation To Tend The Inner Fire

Tend The Inner Fire

The Sun moving into Leo signifies the time to embrace joy, gratitude, and generosity. In response to the previous sign of Cancer, Leo always seeks to burn away heavy emotion and lift us into the daylight. Although generally a warm, extroverted, and gregarious energy, this Leo season differs because it invites you to tend the inner fire. As you embrace your innermost spark, you shine with a brighter radiance for all.

Cultivate Gratitude

In practice, what does it mean to tend the inner fire? While Leo fire refers to expressing one’s personality with drama and flair, it also pertains to the magical spark of your life force on the spiritual level. As you cultivate gratitude and self-respect, it brings meaning into your life. Find center by focusing on your heart as the source of your energy. Evaluate your authentic connection to this innermost self. As you sweep and tidy your inner hearth, aim to clear away blocks to your natural radiance. Far from being selfish, when you radiate your solar energy, you shine the light of generosity, authenticity, and joy onto others. This is the way our collective path transforms.

Leo Season Overall

Just before the start of the season, Venus’ retrograde brings an inward twist to the usual social exuberance of Leo. This requires you to dig into a deeper understanding of what motivates you. Review your value system and ability to connect with others authentically. Three wake-up calls on July 23, August 9, and August 15 may jolt you out of your normal way of living. Fortunately, time for integration follows each one so you can digest the impacts on your life. With the Nodal Axis now in Aries/Libra, aim to find a healthy balance between autonomy and cooperation. Also, Mercury’s move into Virgo encourages you to focus on practical and analytical matters. At the Aquarius Full Moon August 1, view the options ahead with objectivity. To weather the directional shifts, establish firm yet flexible footing. Relax into gravity and sway with the changes. Do things that feed your soul and support the authentic connections you have. Use your Rising (or Sun) sign to get a sense of which part of life benefits from this magical act.

Aries: Drop into your creative pursuits with complete devotion.

Taurus: Tend to your home hearth and connection to the land.

Gemini: Clarify the connection between your bright spirit and your authentic voice.

Cancer: Celebrate the value and resources you bring to others.

Leo: Get clear about your purpose as a light bearer for others and increase the wattage.

Virgo: Embrace and encourage the kernels of truth that arrive seemingly out of nowhere.

Libra: Welcome the community that holds you up and clear room to receive their support.

Scorpio: Understand and cultivate what spark motivates you in your work life.

Sagittarius: Recognize yourself as a perennial student and source of wisdom for others.

Capricorn: Continue the joyful journey of getting to know yourself, especially the hidden sides.

Aquarius: Focus on the radiance you wish to bring to your partnerships.

Pisces: Engage in your daily practices with a profound sense of gratitude.

Tend The Inner Fire

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