The Results Of Your Actions

Taurus Season

April 20, 2023, 4:13am EDT

The Results Of Your Actions

Taurus Season Meditation For Inner Stillness

The Results Of Your Actions

After the fast and furious gallop of Aries, Taurus season arrives with a cool and calm vibe that slows down the pace. Steady Taurus invites you to settle down, embrace stillness, and rest. Look within to measure how stable you feel after a very active few weeks. As you become more grounded, take the time to review the results of your actions.

Solid Inner Ground

At its core, placid earth sign Taurus symbolizes the need for stasis in all natural systems, including within our own beings. This moment in time poses a major question about systemic imbalance, arising from the dominant culture’s relationship to resources and attachment to comfort. To work with this question individually, first seek quiet sanctuary and allow yourself to rest. When you take on board that the most valuable healing in your body happens during sleep, the full importance of rest comes to light. Use the stillness to review your values and contemplate tangible ways to live by them. Walk outside and connect with the forest and plants. Question how you use resources, both material and energetic, tune into what is essential, and simplify. Find solid inner ground.

The Season Overall

After Aries season comes to a sudden, screeching halt at the Solar Eclipse, the Sun’s move into Taurus the same day supports the idea of taking a break. Taurus season delivers a clear message to slow down in order to achieve solid inner ground. With powerful Pluto lurking behind the scenes, you must patiently scrutinize the hidden motivations behind your actions as part of the process. Mercury turns retrograde on April 21, adding to the notion of being at a standstill for the first part of Taurus season. Use this valuable time to revisit, revamp, and repair whatever is on your to-do list. If you aim to have necessary renovations underway by May 1, you will feel calmer.

The Scorpio Lunar Eclipse on May 5 invites you to be mindful of the emotional energy that infuses your actions, especially when you feel fierce. Aim for controlled skill rather than unleashed intensity. Venus’ entrance into nourishing Cancer puts care and concern for your relationships front and center, with the added bonus of effortless access to empathy. When the Sun joins awakener Uranus on May 9, take a new look at your deepest convictions and the way you use resources like food, fuel, or money. Go ahead and turn up the soil to let something new take root.

The last third of Taurus season provides a helping hand with the task of stabilizing your important relationships, as Mercury turns direct and Jupiter enters Taurus. Be prepared to continue examining your deeper motives, even if it feels uncomfortable. Trust that it is worth the effort. The Taurus New Moon arrives near the end of the season, solidifying your commitment to stay steady and find inner ground while everything else around you changes and shifts. Mars enters the playful fire sign of Leo, imbuing your actions with extra flamboyance. Make sure you think beyond yourself and extend generosity to others, as selfishness promises to magnificently backfire. On May 21, the Sun hops, skips, and jumps into excitable Gemini.

Unshakeable Inner Sanctuary

When Taurus comes to town, expect to settle down and focus on generating inner calm. If possible, develop a short restorative practice and commit to doing it daily. If you can be patient, you will be amazed at how this builds unshakeable inner sanctuary. Use your Rising and/or Sun sign to read below to see what resonates in how to utilize this Taurus season.

Aries: Take a moment to sit down and truly inhabit your body. Also check in with your finances, to make sure they align with your activities. Let community involvement change you and your perspective on resources.

Taurus: Topics previously hidden emerge in clear form. Get some rest and consider what needs to transform in your profession, that carries you forward for years to come.

Gemini: Your focus lands on subconscious patterns that you want to let go of. Choose a meditative practice, such as nature walks or listening to music, that brings you peace and access to inner stillness. Your new approach transforms the way you view the world.

Cancer: The emphasis is squarely on finding peace and inner stability amidst groups and community. As you embrace stillness, you transform how you manage other peoples’ intense emotions with clearer boundaries. You are learning to deeply trust your gut.

Leo: Check in to see how stable and grounded you feel in your current profession, as you review the results of your recent actions. As part of the process, you must also question and transform the way you handle one-on-one connections.

Virgo: Take stock of your overall worldview, and notice if some of your viewpoints feel stale or trite. You want your worldview to ground you, but not trap you into small-minded thinking. Changing some of your routines helps you go deeper.

Libra: Notice the way you feel when dealing with the unknown emotions, values, and secrets of others. Find peace through inner grounding, rather than through over-compromising or trying to avoid conflict. Sink deeply into creative pursuits to help you feel anchored when life is chaotic.

Scorpio: Tune in to how you feel in your main partnerships. Hopefully, you feel supported, loved, and grounded, yet not stuck. Take time to be in stillness to reflect on where you could find a bit more peace. Embrace profound learning that comes from your family of origin, or your sense of being rooted in your home life.

Sagittarius: Check your daily routines to affirm that they ground you in healthy, helpful ways, both mentally and physically. Use your considerable willpower to make necessary changes. Communicate clearly about your needs to those in your daily environment.

Capricorn: Assess your risk-taking, love-giving, and creative pursuits for how they support you and provide a sense of reverence. Meanwhile, embrace an upheaval that impacts your values and demands that you re-prioritize what is most important to you.

Aquarius: Focus your attention on stabilizing your roots, whether that means within, with your family, or in your physical home. Insist on time spent in silence, to support a fundamental transformation in your overall life direction.

Pisces: Evaluate the kind of impact you make in how you communicate and move about your daily life. Aim for a calm and grounded demeanor. Recognize a fundamental shift in your subconscious that allows you to discard behaviors that make you feel alienated.

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