The Wisdom Of Your Body

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus

November 8, 2022, 5:59am EST

The Wisdom Of The Body
photo by NASA

The Wisdom Of Your Body

This Taurus Full Moon casts a light on the connection between your body and your emotions. The Lunar Eclipse makes it more specific, showing the way that your hidden emotions drive unconscious physical habits. Most destructive habits that involve eating, spending, or otherwise using resources are motivated by a false perception of what constitutes emotional security. Changing these habits starts by listening to the wisdom of your body, which knows which resources you need and which you don’t. As you develop more trust in your body, you begin to see the link between your external consumption and the unacknowledged emotions that control your behaviors. Accepting responsibility for your own growth frees up creative energy that you can now re-invest into shared efforts.

How We Use Our Resources

As the Earth’s shadow eclipses the Taurus Moon, it raises the question of how we use our resources globally. Certainly, the central issue of the times regards the limits of what our Earth can provide and the expanding human populace. Properly used, Taurus and Scorpio together symbolize the constructive power of stewarding Earth’s finite resources with full respect, understanding, and reverence. The eclipse suggests a pivot point in how we relate to our bodies, and how that changes our relationship to the body of the Earth. As you tune into the physical resilience of your body, the meal on your table, and the plants in your garden, you embody this change. When you take this further and connect with others through the simplicity of physical activities, you awaken your relationships to a new paradigm.

The Week Ahead

As mentioned, the Lunar Eclipse on November 8th places a sharp focus on the use of resources and the need for security along with accompanying emotional undercurrents, major defining points of the U.S. midterm elections. On the same day, a new cycle of communication begins, cementing a new foundation based on emotional honesty and depth. The three days following clearly indicate the continued face-off between the global push for an environmental awakening and the desire of the ruling classes to keep things the same. Personal breakthroughs drive the global narrative, so keep doing the necessary inner work of dealing with your intense emotions. Considerable empowerment, resilience, and optimism comes from sticking with the internal process. The possibility of transcendent experiences opens the door to hope in intimate connections.

Drop Into The Wisdom Of Your Body

With the Moon in Taurus, take the time to identify an ingrained habit that you need to shift, as it contributes nothing to your growth. Reflect on what emotional subscript fuels this behavior. To address it, drop into the wisdom of your body and listen to what it tells you. Connect with others as a resource that helps you stay grounded and supports you in releasing this habit.  Note that this Eclipse especially activates sensitive points in the mid-degrees of Fixed signs (~11º-21º Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

Aries: Notice habits of being unkind to yourself, especially after intense interactions with difficult people. Tap the resource of self-love by connecting with people who make you feel good about yourself.

Taurus: Notice unhelpful habits that affect your self-image, especially after emotional conflicts in your one-on-one relationships. Anchor your attention in your body to tap a deeper self-awareness and connection to yourself.

Gemini: Notice unhelpful habits that make you feel isolated or trapped, especially after upset at work or in your daily routines. Choose activities that allow you to spend time with others who relate to your spiritual view, as it supports your mental and emotional health.

Cancer: Notice what unhelpful habit prevents you from feeling supported by your community or friendships, especially when you feel blocked in your creative or love-giving abilities. Seek connection through outdoor activities with a group of friends.

Leo: Release unhelpful habits that impedes your public work, especially after triggering family events. Reach out to like-minded colleagues in your chosen career field to re-ground.

Virgo: Release an unhelpful habit that regards how you throw your opinion around or fail to think for yourself, especially when you feel that your intelligence has been criticized. Connect with wise teacher souls who remind you to speak with an open heart.

Libra: Release an unhealthy habit that regards how you set boundaries with others, especially when you don’t feel good about yourself. Connect with a trusted friend and speak with total honesty about your feelings. Learn to trust your body’s instincts to help identify when to set boundaries.

Scorpio: Notice unhelpful habits that emerge during one-on-one interactions, especially when already feeling wounded. Tap into physical connection with the other person.

Sagittarius: Notice unhealthy habits in the way you exercise, eat, rest, or go to work, especially when feeling disconnected from your sense of spirituality. Connect with someone by engaging in physical practices such as yoga, dance, or sports together.

Capricorn: Notice an unhelpful habit that limits your ability to be joyful, especially when feeling alienated in group settings. Dance, leap, play or otherwise move your body with others you adore.

Aquarius: Notice an unhealthy attachment that has to do with your home or private life, especially after a stressful day of work. Create an intentional space or time at home to find connection with valued family members.

Pisces: Notice an unhealthy habit that comes up as you communicate about your physical needs, especially when feeling triggered about someone else’s worldview. Seek connection with day-to-day members of your local community, such as with neighbors or in local businesses you frequent.


Watch the AstroPath video below. Timestamps are embedded in the video for each Rising Sign.

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