Touchstone Of Tangibility: Full Moon in Virgo

Full Moon In Virgo
photo by S. Date

March 18, 2022, 3:17am EDT

Touchstone of Tangibility

Like a touchstone of tangibility, the Virgo Full Moon brings your attention squarely to the practical details of life. With most of the planets emphasizing quirky cerebral Aquarius and the mystical musings of Pisces, we could all use a solid dose of pragmatism to bring us back down to Earth. Focus on helpful projects that provide tactile reward and visible results.

The Unifying State

With the Sun soaking in the Piscean hot tub along with guru planet Neptune, we can’t help but indulge in consciousness raisers like transcendental meditation, astrological readings, or live classical music to deliver us into the unifying state. Though beware the desire to escape through the seductive avenues of booze, cyber games, or cultish religions, which just add to the darkness. Instead, after floating in the mystic dream, consider what small task you can undertake to help relieve someone’s suffering, to offer aid, or improve upon a situation. This sort of action provides refuge to all concerned.

Beliefs Into Practice

Essentially, the Virgo archetype asks that we put our larger Piscean beliefs into practice, in a nuts-and-bolts kind of way.  The MacGyver of the zodiac kingdom, Virgo employs economy and technical proficiency to optimize services.  It has no time for ego, preferring instead to hone in on whatever needs repair with an air of humility.  Virgo is also a big fan of preventative care, willing to adopt routines and moderation that support good health.

Impact The Collective

The astrological map of this Full Moon indicates the profound power that comes with taking a simple act. In other words, tapping the well of compassion and channeling that feeling into tangible tasks impacts the collective more than you know. Positive group practices like Bearing Witness To Change and other therapeutic endeavors enhance the power between people, as we stand with others as they share their suffering and vulnerability.

Using your Rising sign, read below to understand the link between the ethereal realm and effective practical pursuits. And if you need to practice some escapism, turn your escape into a retreat by infusing the time with conscious intention. Disappear into a great book or block off an afternoon to wander in nature and recharge.

Aries: The Virgo Full Moon illuminates your routines and ability for self-improvement. Find the courage to apply precision and humility to your self-care. If you are struggling to give yourself the appropriate care, volunteer to help someone in need.

Taurus: The Virgo Full Moon summons you to engage theatrically with life. Seek joy by taking a risk for a cause and presenting it to your community. Request donations for your chosen cause from others, rather than applause.

Gemini: This Virgo Full Moon lights up the concrete tasks necessary for your family life. It could be as complicated as researching that long lost family lineage or as simple as tidying your house. Let the idealism and nebulousness stay at work.

Cancer: This Virgo Full Moon shines a light on your need to communicate. Channel your big idealistic dream into your practical craft of writing or verbalizing. Let it be kind, let it be useful.

Leo: This Virgo Full Moon spotlights your wealth, worth, and livelihood. Utilize these resources to help someone out. Bear in mind that you carry profound understanding for the difficulties of others.

Virgo: This Virgo Full Moon invites you to consider how you would like to make a meaningful contribution in the service of others. Apply your practical insights while allowing your partnerships to nourish you.

Libra: This Virgo Full Moon lays bare your connection to the divine. Notice the entanglement between spiritual beliefs and concrete action, as for you they are inseparable. Recognize your ability to bring transcendence to the daily grind.

Scorpio: This Virgo Full Moon illuminates your ability to offer pragmatic problem solving to your community. When you contribute to your community, your cup fills and allows you to share unconditional love that transcends the personal and the ordinary.

Sagittarius: This Virgo Full Moon draws attention to your vocation. Roll up your sleeves and bring your can-do attitude to work. Your integrity serves to elevate your wisdom and your ability to be deeply empathetic at home.

Capricorn: The Virgo Full Moon shines illustriously on your ability to learn humility and grace from a wide array of wisdom traditions. Recognize your ability to elevate the common people with your willingness to be of service to others.

Aquarius: This Virgo Full Moon illuminates your ability to draw clear and helpful boundaries with people, as a service to them. Let this reflect your worthiness back at you, as you discover the wealth of compassion you truly have for others and yourself.

Pisces: A natural dreamer, this Virgo Moon highlights your ability to be humble, helpful and kind to your partners in life. Be sure to nourish yourself and let your partnerships ground you in the practical realm.

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