Tune Into Impressions

Pisces Last Quarter Moon

May 30, 2024, 1:12pm ET

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 30 – June 6

Tune Into Impressions
Lamoille River, Vermont

Gemini Season Power of Your Mind Meditation

Tune Into Impressions

At the Pisces Last Quarter Moon, let your thoughts drift lightly across your mind like high-altitude cirrus clouds. Rather than chasing down mental extrapolations, steady your body and tune into impressions, vibes, and sensations. Once you have an intuitive picture, then use your rational mind to isolate which bits of data to share. Be keenly aware of the balance between talking and listening throughout this week as the Moon continues her descent into darkness during Gemini season.

Trust Your Instincts

Like a tuning fork, a vibration of knowing rocks you down to the marrow of your bones on May 31. Especially if you have key planets near 24º Taurus (or Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius), you may sense some physical or tangible shift coming. Hold your ground and trust your instincts, despite convention’s dismissal of these important sources of wisdom. The Moon leaves the imaginal world of Pisces to enter Aries, suggesting an invigorating focus on your own path. On June 1, you may be brimming with excitement for an independent prospect. This comes with an opportunity to collaborate, so welcome outside interests. Revel in the geek-out and channel your fire into lift-off. It takes a hive to make honey.

Discuss Progress

On June 2, act on the information you gathered yesterday, but do so on your own. Burn off extra energy and get clear about your own motivation. Before the weekend comes to a close, touch base with cohorts to discuss progress. Jupiter’s trine to Pluto symbolizes a major fuel boost that could thrust your endeavor into the collective limelight. Be sure to wind down enough to get a good night’s sleep, as your plans solidify in the dream space. On June 3, hopefully you wake up rested physically and with an eager mind, with Mercury now in Gemini. Respect the information gained from any small challenges and then let it pass on by. If you feel galvanized by your choices, you’re on the right track.

Lay the Mental Foundations

On June 4, your nervous system responds to ambient excitement, anxiety, and information flitting about in the atmosphere. Mercury dances with Pluto and reiterates the potential for prominence or empowerment, so use it to lay the mental foundations of your ambitions. Meanwhile, the Venus-Sun conjunction emboldens you to seek authentic communication in your relationships while standing in full knowledge of your own worth. Don’t settle for less but do be mindful and gentle in asking for what you need. Put any difficulties on the table. On June 5, the Moon joins the Sun, Mercury, Venus in Gemini, providing an opportunity to retrace what has been on your mind this week. Trust that you have outlined as clear a path as possible while embracing a touch of mystery. On June 6, put a stake in the ground to establish a new mentality that includes mutually beneficial conversations with people who support your aims.



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