Unleash Your Intuitive Powers

Cancer Season & the Solstice

June 20, 2024, 4:51pm ET

Unleash Your Intuitive Powers
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Cancer Season Meditation on Inner Flow


Unleash Your Intuitive Powers

In the zodiac cycle, Cancer soothes and nourishes the soul after the social and logistical whizzing around of Gemini season. Within its subtle waters, cardinal Cancer holds the magical power to generate and sustain new life. Psychologically, this relates to the inward flow of feelings needed to cultivate and unleash your intuitive powers. When you respect and embrace your emotional vulnerability, you tend to the wellspring of your creative flow.

Maturing Emotionally

Cancer symbolizes the human need for self-parenting and rejuvenation. Regardless of childhood circumstances, all individuals ultimately must take responsibility for developing self-awareness and maturing emotionally. During this Cancer season, be sure to set aside solo (soul-o) time to nourish yourself and restore the connection to your emotional layers. As you find inner flow, it opens your connectivity to the living web of nature. If this seems radical, search your own intuition for what feels true.

The Season Overall

Cancer season begins with an exuberant and adventurous vibe. These high spirits quickly turn to serious matters that demand concentrated focus at the first Capricorn Full Moon. Reflect on what you need then set boundaries that honor your emotional requirements. As the Moon wanes, gather insights from the inner and outer environment to get to the bottom of a troubling issue. The Cancer New Moon at the season’s midpoint initiates a new cycle of using your intuitive powers for navigation. Accept the numerous invitations to slow down, get into your body, or spend time near water. You may unexpectedly catch a view of a hidden resource in one of your close relationships. Contemplate the meaning of this as you establish mental balance by leaning into your social supports through mid-July.

The disruptive clash of Mars conjunct Uranus breaks the dam, releasing the floods of change. Adjust by channeling stress or anger into constructive pursuits. Maintain the link with your emotional experience by anchoring into your physical body. Mars moves into Gemini, increasing the speed of your thought processes and ability to verbalize. At the second Capricorn Full Moon on July 21, revisit your willingness to take responsibility for your feelings and sensitivities. Something that previously felt befuddling now becomes a source of compassion. Great power rests in your ability to reshape your mindset around the awakening you feel in your heart. An action that you need to take becomes abundantly clear as the Sun gallivants into Leo on July 22.

Horoscopes for All 12 Rising Signs

During Cancer season, check in with your emotional state often. Think in terms of building a relationship with this part of yourself. As you learn from this rich source of information, let it show you the way toward self-care and deep bonding in your relationships.

Aries: Embrace the feelings of tenderness and vulnerability that emerge regarding your family and home. Recognize them as the secret source of your strength.

Taurus: Be brave and share your true feelings. Rather than leaving yourself unprotected and exposed, you are actually showing the depth of your courage and tenderness.

Gemini: Nurture the source of strength that you feelings provide. Recognize how your ability to be vulnerable makes you a resource for supporting others on an emotional level.

Cancer: Honor the way you move through the world with your feelings on your sleeve. Your vulnerability serves as a guiding light for intuitive understanding.

Leo: Go deep to excavate your most authentic feelings from your subconscious. Confront hidden patterns and walk in the world with the unshakeable courage that comes from self-knowledge.

Virgo: Allow yourself to show your true feelings in front of social groups. You stand to be amazed at the sense of support you feel from your community.

Libra: Show up in your public or professional role with all of your feelings intact. As your share your true feelings, colleagues and authority figures see your strength.

Scorpio: Your personal understanding of vulnerability informs your compassionate worldview. Let your intuition guide you in the right way to share this perspective.

Sagittarius: Revere your profound ability to manage other peoples’ deep issues while staying connected to your feelings. Trust your instincts to set the right boundaries.

Capricorn: Allow tender vulnerability to emerge in your treasured partnerships. Staying connected to your feelings strengthens the bond with others.

Aquarius: Observe how you feel while engaging with your daily routines. Honor your feelings and let them guide you in choosing balanced health care practices.

Pisces: Pour your unconditional love into your creative pursuits and interactions with children. Be daring and playful as you ride the tides of your emotions.


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