Unusual Sensitivity

Pisces First Quarter Moon

December 19, 2023, 1:39pm EST

Unusual Sensitivity
The River’s First Snow

Sagittarius Season Light and Levity Meditation

Unusual Sensitivity

At the Pisces First Quarter Moon, you may be called to act on your ideals in some way. Since an unusual sensitivity to non-ordinary states of consciousness pairs with increased powers of manifestation, sit still and set your intention. Use detailed mental imagery to picture exactly what you wish to accomplish and trust the process to unfold.

Access Your Internal Magic

The Pisces First Quarter Moon during Sagittarius season suggests a highly sensitive moment in which it would be easy to sacrifice your ideal in favor of speed. With the holidays fast approaching, instead insist on using this time to retreat, rejuvenate, and otherwise fill your cup. Whether for five minutes or five hours, create a safe, quiet space to feel and release heavy emotions, like grief or its baby sibling disappointment. Immerse in restorative activities to access your internal magic. This allows you to step into flow and become a resource of emotional and physical energy for others. You may then be surprised at what you can accomplish.

Astrology Forecast December 19 – 26

At the Pisces First Quarter Moon, it may be time to emotionally invest in and act on your ideas, especially one that supports others. When the Moon moves into energetic Aries a few hours later, it seals the deal on the need for action into the next day. If you encounter irritation, let it go and concentrate on motion. At the Solstice on December 21, you may wake with some anxiety about a relationship, aesthetic, or financial issue. Despite being an unpleasant way to wake up, re-anchor your mind by considering how to alleviate unnecessary suffering in the situation. If you move decisively forward with healing in mind, it brings calm and relief by the day’s end, as both Sun and Moon enter earth signs.

On December 22, relate with others through tasks that feel grounding and/or beautify mutual space. Recharge your battery through silent connection. As Mercury joins the Sun for the retrograde cycle midpoint, a matter of integrity becomes highly visible. Say what you mean and follow through on your words. Weigh the consequences of anything you commit to. On December 23, Mercury slides back into Sagittarius to hunt for a flame of inspiration that was left behind in early December. Mentally retrace your steps for greater awareness of what you need to retrieve.

On Christmas Eve, crack out of your quiet shell and engage in enthusiastic, interesting conversations. You have unfettered access to a profound sense of sympathy for the feelings of others. Along these lines, December 25 holds the possibility of healing, as a deeper understanding of someone else’s suffering dawns on you. This comes along with the impetus to overcome challenges and start a new chapter. As you reach for laughter and shared stories, tension dissolves on its own. You may experience an expansive ability for forgiveness, despite clearly being able to see people’s flaws, foibles, or deceptions. With this vision, keep the tone light and social while making internal room for acceptance. On December 26, the Cancer Full Moon encourages deep bonding and loving sensitivity.

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