Wander Toward Realization

Gemini New Moon

June 18, 2023 12:37am ET

Wander Toward Realization
by S. Date

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Wander Toward Realization

At the Gemini New Moon, get curious about your dreams. Although Gemini typically symbolizes mental clarity, this New Moon instead insists on your vision remaining fuzzy. Seek out a quiet place where you can daydream and wander toward realizations of a spiritual nature.

Describe Your Vision

Human beings have access to many different states of consciousness. Releasing the expectation for intellectual clarity allows you to open your mind to a cosmic perspective. The Gemini New Moon presents both the opportunity for inspired idealism and the cautionary tale of getting fooled by someone else’s delusion. To avoid this problem, move away from internal mental chatter, soften your focus, and engage your intuitive self. Watch as information bubbles up and let it pass, as if upon a slow-moving river. Use this time to describe or write out your vision, rather than feeling the need to make rational decisions. You might be surprised to discover something quite practical and workable about your dream.

Astrology Forecast For June 18 – 26

As the Gemini New Moon announces Gemini season’s end, plant a seed to stay connected to your inspired imagination. In other words, transcend your personal story and start thinking about things from a global viewpoint. Activate your sense of wonder and accept that don’t need to understand everything logically. On June 19, access grace by grounding yourself. This helps you adopt a selfless and caring mode for those around you. The Moon entering Leo on June 20 permeates the mood with generosity and joy. On June 21, the Solstice arrives with the Sun’s movement into the cooling water sign of Cancer. Despite this change, a lot of ambient heat still flies around in the form of fast-paced banter and theatrics. Get into the spirit without being drawn into the drama.

On June 22, if a window appears to deal with an old grievance, apply humor to reduce the inflammation. The next day, take practical steps to reset your dial to rejuvenation. If possible, leave work early to restore in a natural setting, preferably near a body of water. Saturday the 24th is a blank canvas, so choose your own adventure that nourishes your soul. June 25 emphasizes feelings over words, so trust what emerges in your emotional landscape. The development of compassion takes precedence over dry rational observation. Before you speak, run your thoughts through the talking test – is what you’re about to say true, kind, and necessary? This establishes a positive foundation for sharing intimate thoughts with those you deeply love.

Groove Of Positivity

At the Gemini Moon, foster a dream that has been floating in the background. Get out your pen and sketch out the particulars to wear a new groove of positivity in your mind. Use your Rising or Sun sign to read below to pinpoint what part of life your idea involves.

Aries: Your vision has to do with the way you speak and move through your immediate environment. Consider engaging your neighbors or siblings in a cause.

Taurus: Your mission involves working through self-worth or financial issues by understanding what you need in terms of community support. This helps others do the same.

Gemini: Your story exemplifies the importance of communication, especially with colleagues in the workplace. Your mission is to create greater understanding through your profession.

Cancer: Your dream is to reduce suffering in the world through a more compassionate exchange of ideas with others. You may need to access a new teacher or point of view to actualize it.

Leo: Your intellectual idealism elevates and uplifts your community, which in turn supports your vision. Your ability to set healthy boundaries while remaining fully present and empathetic is vital to this work.

Virgo: Your curiosity in your profession allows you to connect easily with others. Be open to a new level of empathy in your one-one-one encounters as part of your work.

Libra: Your ability to open your mind through wise conversation helps you get space. Incorporate self-compassion into your daily practices to support your mental growth.

Scorpio: Your gift of handling deep and difficult topics with a spark of curiosity creates a safe environment for others. To avoid absorbing other people’s emotions, immerse completely in your creative process.

Sagittarius: Your ability to hold space for inclusive two-way conversations in your intimate relationships is only enhanced by practicing empathy for all family members. Set aside a sacred place within your living situation for support.

Capricorn: Your vision regards something to practice on a daily level that supports your mental and physical health. Articulate this vision through an accountability buddy or journaling.

Aquarius: The way you show your unconditional love comes through your voice and your most creative intellectual pursuits. Include a self-compassion practice that reminds you of your value.

Pisces: Your dream involves your family life and the land around you. Also carve out retreat time for yourself in this picture, in your quest for inner peace.


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