Weigh Competing Needs

Libra First Quarter Moon

June 26, 2023, 3:50am ET

Weigh Competing Needs
Lake Champlain

Cancer Season Meditation For Emotional Wellbeing

Weigh Competing Needs

At the Libra First Quarter Libra Moon, your desire for socializing might be at odds with your emotional reality. If you fail to deal with your true feelings, you might make decisions that go against your own best interest, such as going out when you really need a quiet night in. On the other hand, a social gathering may lift you out of your inner turmoil. Weigh competing needs by pausing and then listening for what you need right now.

Allow Room For Both

During Cancer season’s focus on self-care, use the Libra First Quarter Moon to get a little space from your feelings. Breathe, talk to a friend, and write down whatever troubles your mind. At the same time, also notice any tendency to take it too far and cut yourself off from your feelings. Although they both symbolize your inner terrain, water sign Cancer refers to your reservoir of feelings and intuitive instincts, while air sign Libra refers to the thoughts in your head. The rub occurs when your thoughts and feelings pit against each other. Instead, allow room for both what is in your head and in your heart to make the best decision for your self-care.

Astrology Forecast For The Week Of June 26 – July 3

At the Libra First Quarter Moon, evaluate whether you need conversation or restful quiet. Enjoy humor and silly antics, though be aware of the potential for volatility that could pull a sideshow into the limelight. Impulsive or selfish actions on yours or someone else’s part could detonate into a totally unintended result. However, if you approach the day with the intention to be big-hearted and generous, you might just blast open the door to a whole new perspective. Fortunately, with Mercury entering Cancer later the same day, your mind goes into caretaking mode, which brings the feelings of others into context.

On June 27, set an intention to embark upon a new journey of self-care. The next few days usher in a powerful and deep healing gift, as all three water signs of the zodiac become activated in a grand trine between the Sun/Mercury, Moon, and Saturn. Make sure you spend time near literal or figurative water, by choosing flow state activities or your favorite water recreation. Commune with Mother Nature and offer yourself and others compassion. As you take care of your own needs, it leads to being much more available for others who need your attention.

On July 1, Mercury meets the Sun to kick off a new quarterly cycle in the spirit of nurturing and abundance. You can immediately and effortlessly anchor this thought in practical action. After recent relief of rejuvenation, expect a second discordant note on July 2, this time with the potential for impacting your personal relationships and value system. Adopting a stance of generosity and gratitude helps a lot. As the Moon enters Capricorn, the mood turns serious and a question of integrity arises to loom large at Full Moon on July 3.


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