What Makes You Resilient

Taurus New Moon

May 7, 2024, 11:21pm ET

What Makes You Resilient
Pink Lady Slipper, Virginia

Taurus Season Stillness Meditation

What Makes You Resilient

At the Taurus New Moon, pause to consider what makes you resilient. Focus on your connection to nature, especially in how you experience plants and animals through your senses. Visualize the faces of those who support you. Ponder your local food and energy sources. Then ask yourself what or who to invest in that offers the most enduring quality.

Connect To Your Body

From an emotional wellness standpoint, Taurus can refer to connecting to your physical body as a tangible container for emotional content. Much wisdom rests in the body’s tissues, including access to stored experiences and the possibility of resolving associated traumas. When you connect to your body in this way, you discover how to release the old parts that keep you frozen in time. This facilitates developing greater resilience in your relationship with yourself.

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At the Taurus New Moon, recognize the areas of your life where you feel resilient and issue a short offering of thanks for what provides you with a sense of anchoring.

Aries: Your resilience comes from your self-worth. Plant a seed of gratitude for your ability to value yourself.

Taurus: Your tenacity resides in your personal toolbox, where you possess an unrivaled ability to stay anchored. Have gratitude for this powerful trait.

Gemini: Your strength hides deep in the recesses of your psyche. Offer thanks for the way you are stronger than you realized.

Cancer: Your reserves expand in connection to your community. Reach out and express your gratitude for the surprising strength of your alliances.

Leo: Your resilience shines through in your professional life and social reputation. Recognize your power and how it impacts others in the public sphere.

Virgo: Great strength lies in your philosophical perspective of the world. Have gratitude for the life and educational experiences that have led you here.

Libra: You are extraordinarily resourceful when it comes to dealing with other people’s belongings and emotional baggage. Rejoice in this newfound discovery.

Scorpio: Considerable determination emerges from your partnerships, in life and business. Express your gratitude for the way you connect with others.

Sagittarius: Your tenacity shows itself through your ability to set and commit to healthy routines. Make it a habit to feel daily gratitude for this.

Capricorn: Your quiet strength appears in the loyal and tenacious way in which you love others without parameters. Express gratitude by pouring yourself into creative pursuits.

Aquarius: You have enormous resilience tucked away in the bedrock of your emotional being. Allow yourself to be grateful for this private resource.

Pisces: Your reserves of energy show themselves through the power of your voice. Respect the way you communicate your ideas to others.

Astrology Forecast for Emotional Balance May 8 – 15

Recognize An Opportunity

On May 8, the resilience you ruminated on at the Taurus New Moon may experience some stress testing. Let these minor quakes rumble on through without resistance. Remember that the strongest bridges are built to sway with moving tectonic plates. Adopt this same policy to keep things on an even keel emotionally. Tune into an important conversation that provides a sense of empowerment. On May 9, whatever you learned yesterday may galvanize you to take action. Keep your ideas in mind so that you recognize an opportunity when it appears.

Slowed By Sensitivity

On May 10, your excitable and curious mood may become strangely dampened by a serious matter you’d rather avoid. Pay special attention to mental resistance that crops up while dealing with someone else’s feelings or suffering. Continue to act on forward momentum but allow yourself to be slowed by sensitivity toward others’ positions. On May 11, the Moon in Cancer suggests strong gut feelings. This desire to protect or nurture stands in confrontation with another part of you that just wants to get on with it. Go ahead and act, just don’t lose sight of the deeper need for emotional security.

An Inescapable Insight

On May 12, that same sense of inner conflict from the day before might persist, but the edges seem to soften. What seemed so at odds now yields a greater understanding of the impacts of life-altering change. Offer tactile comfort to anyone in need. Nothing like a hot cup of tea or bath to soothe the ragged edges! On May 13, an urgent sense of mental clarity grasps you, as Mercury finally clears its shadow period and the Sun conjuncts Uranus. Like a lightning rod, your mind attracts and channels an inescapable insight. Notice how this affects your body and take steps to shed stress. With the Moon in Leo, this means go to yoga class, ride your bike in the woods, or act on behalf of a cause.

Radiate Creative Power

On May 14, radiate your creative power into all that you do. Place your full attention onto every action. Bask in a day well-spent and give yourself extra time to wind down before bed. At the Leo First Quarter Moon May 15, you may wish to express excitement but feel restricted in some way. Act with full authenticity yet accept limits with grace.

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